Victim Energy Is A Barrier To Transformation

In the past week something triggering occurred in the Eloheim group that was the catalyst for Sunday’s session with Eloheim.  The discussion began with these definitions dictated by Eloheim who kept Veronica awake for two hours in the middle of the night:

Authority Figure: A person, situation, circumstance, or thing that is perceived as forcing you to be a victim rather than a chooser [creator, in other words].

Victim: Feeling, acting and even believing that an authority figure can keep you from being a chooser. Aligning yourself with a victim stance is emotionally consuming and makes it very difficult to imagine or understand the feelings of others. Victims constantly look for sympathizers, and if someone is unwilling to play that role, they are thrust into the role of victimizer (authority figure).

Chooser: Owning and acting on the opportunity to choose your reactions in every moment to every experience. Refusing to linger in victim mentality even when society reinforces that option. Emanating the knowing that everyone is a chooser. Victim energy becomes unbearable to choosers.

Matching Energy: Focusing on the victim aspects of a story or situation (sympathizing). Matching energy often happens when the story of another triggers issues where you have a similar victim stance resulting in a loss of your connection to the current version of you. If you find yourself matching energy, reaffirm that you are a chooser and find your own balance first so that you can offer compassion and empathy. Companionship in victimhood isn’t a recipe for change.

Compassion: Acknowledgement and perhaps companionship of another as they are facing a challenge. Healthy compassion doesn’t include matching energy. Healthy compassion includes at least two things: holding the stance within yourself that the person is a chooser (empathy) and reminding the person they are a chooser when the time is right. The person may need to process intense feelings before the fact of being a chooser can be acknowledged and acted upon. It can be highly tempting to match energy during this period; this is not authentic support.

Empathy: Regardless of circumstances, everyone has the opportunity to be a chooser. Standing in the truth that choosing offers the opportunity for authentic change; being a victim is, at best, an act of coping. To be of support, remind the person of their choices. Be cautious about the temptation to match energy and/or overextend yourself. Choose to take care of yourself first so that any support/time/energy you offer will be offered from an abundant stance.

Basically, Eloheim told us we can’t take victim energy with us as we move forward. Everyone starts in victimhood, and how long we choose to stay there is up to us. That’s our own responsibility.   Victimhood inhibits growth when we are stuck in that level.

When others use victim energy with us for sympathy, it is akin to letting someone crap on our coffee table, to paraphrase Eloheim.  You wouldn’t let someone do that in your house, don’t allow them to do it in your energy field! Set a boundary. And, they stress, don’t align your energy with their victimhood or with the “underdog.”  Ask yourself, are they looking for sympathy or are they looking for transformation?  Use compassion or empathy but not sympathy. Sympathy says, oh you poor thing, I remember when that happened to me.  Compassion is acknowledging the situation and being kind, reminding them of their ability to choose, while asking them about their next step and not matching their energy.

You can ask yourself the same questions when you catch yourself telling the same old victim stories.  Am I looking for sympathy or am I looking for transformation?  

Eloheim says it’s time to ask the victim in us to grow up.  It’s time for evolution.


Eloheim has been channeled by Veronica Torres for the past 12 years.  Their focus is on humanity’s personal growth as we move from “homosapiens to homospiritus.”  Homospiritus is their word for the integration of our soul and larger self with the physical self, allowing us to be consciously connected to All as we walk this human path.  This is not only a spiritual transformation, it literally is a physical one.  Their teachings are not for everyone (just like any other teachers’), as they shoot straight to the heart of whatever comes up for transformation and offer a vast array of personal tools to aid us in our development.

Let me share one of their stories they reminded us about recently…..Say someone called for a meeting in Paris at the Eiffel Tower.  Each of us would start off on the journey in a different manner, some in a car or a truck, some on a train, some on a plane.  Each of us take different routes and vehicles to get to Paris.  Some of those journeys are long and complicated, some quite simple.  Eventually we all arrive in Paris.  Again we take different modes of transport to get to our destination, the Eiffel Tower.  Some of us end up in the same taxi or bus or train or bicycle, some driving on the same roads, but in the end we all merge at the Eiffel Tower.  This is the picture of humanity as we evolve.  None of the roads are wrong, just different, and we’ll all get to the same destination in the end.


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