The Benefits of Taking Care of Myself

Went for a massage on Friday after putting it off for awhile due to not wanting to spend the money.  I had met this woman who did massages in June and felt a connection with her right away so I filed away her information in my head.  But I put off the phone call until I hurt so much I couldn’t ignore it anymore.  Yeah, I know you aren’t supposed to do that.  I do it anyway.  I end up with an extremely sore neck that doesn’t want to move and a headache from tight muscles.  It makes the massage hurt more and the person doing it work harder.  I have a slight scoliosis in my midback, neck issues due to whiplash from a car accident and not great posture after 9 years of driving an uncomfortable car all day, five days a week, so it’s really not smart to put it off.

However, I finally got to take care of it after not having a good massage in 8 months (used to get them monthly).  Oh my gosh, it hurt and I still hurt today, but I can move my head again and I do feel better.  The really nice part about the massage, besides the improved muscle function, was the connection I made with Mimi, the physical therapist/masseuse.  She is Panamanian who speaks perfect English, served in the US Army (not sure how that works!) and is a very spiritual person.  She was tiptoe-ing around the subject of energy blockages and other stuff, trying to explain things to me, so I let her know that I have been on that path for fifteen years and understood exactly what she was talking about.  We had the most marvelous discussion after that, talking about dreams and past lives and healing.  Both of us were so happy to have made that kind of connection!

After I finished up, she and Debbie started talking and hit it off, too.  For me and Debbie, it was what we have been looking for when we moved here, the beginnings of finding a community of like-minded souls.   It feels like another step towards the things we desire.  And another sign that we are in the right place.  I can’t wait to see where this leads.


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