There Are Times When I Falter

When we let doubt and fear have their way, we lose faith in our choices and abilities.

There are times, in the quiet of the night, when we falter.  We ask ourselves if we made the right choices, and how are we going to make this work?  There are times when we wake up in the morning and remember, we still don’t have an income, and our stomachs tighten up before we even get out of bed.  That makes for a lousy start to the day for neither of us wants to go back, broke and bummed. We want this to work.  There are times as we pay for groceries that we cringe a bit at spending more money when none is coming in.  And there are times when I question my own wisdom for trying to start up a dream interpretation service that will provide an income as well as nourish my soul while helping others.

Then there are the times when we get “winks,” or signs as clear as the blue sky in this tropical climate, that tell us we are on the right path for us, right now.

I’ve had three of those this week.  

The first one was a messenger who spoke about seeing visions of us being like Jeannie in the tv show, I Dream of Jeannie.  She spoke of our dreams being created by us.  Dreams.  And Dream Catcher.  What a neat and tidy message for me.  

Second one was the card I drew on Colette Baron Reid’s site after asking the question, “What do I need to know right now?”  Out of four decks and multiple cards in each deck, this was my answer:

The Dream Walker – Colette Baron-Reid | The Oracle | Free Oracle Card Readings by

“When the Dream Walker is your ally, dreams really can and do come true.”

If that is not a direct answer, I don’t know what is because what are the odds of it randomly showing up?  Zero.  Nothing is random, you know.

The third message came today as we were in a pastry shop buying yummy brownies.  It’s called Cafe and Cacao and the mural on the wall says that all the world’s coffee and chocolate is grow in a warm belt, around the middle of the world, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

I gasped and my heart about leapt out of my chest.  We have been in this place several times since we’ve been here and I have never looked at the mural in detail before.  I pointed it out to Debbie.

She is Cancer.  I am Capricorn.  We both walked down the street in a bit of shock. How did we miss that before?  Obviously, we are supposed to be here right now. This is not a fluke or a whimsy.

Beyond the fact of us being here, I don’t know much of anything about how it’s all going to play out.  But I am so grateful for the positive reinforcement this week. When things come in threes, the message is meant to be listened to with all your heart. Listen, you are being told, it’s important, you have something to learn here.


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