November Shifts

“Let go of your own story, so the Universe can write a new one for you.” — Marianne Williamson

November is a time of great shifts.

The energy of the recent eclipses continues to weave it’s way through your consciousness, and brings changes that propel you into new, higher ways of living.

The theme of this month must be Surrender to the Mystery. There will be dynamic and perhaps intense, rapid and unexpected changes. You are being prepared for significant evolution and forward motion on your path. When the Universe says it’s time, it is time.

Some of the transformations occurring in your life could feel strong – perhaps too strong – if you are not open to how the Great Mystery works. When you are ready for personal and spiritual evolution, it will happen, whether your ego thinks it is safe or not. Many Souls are readying themselves for significant and propulsive movement along the ascension pathway, and initiating changes in earthly lives that allow the full spectrum of Light to enter.

Your Soul prepares you for spiritual change long before it actually happens. If you’ve been listening to the voice of your heart and Soul, you’ll find that it’s easier to ride the waves of spiritual acceleration. If you’ve been hiding in denial, over-controlling behaviours, resistance or paralysed in fear, then the changes that ensue now could feel more radical to you.

You are being taught to Surrender. You are being taught that the Divine has a Plan, and that it often differs greatly from what your mind thinks is right for you.

This is a time when the Mystery opens up your heart, and shows you that there is more available to you than you could ever dream possible, or be willing to receive. It is a time during which you will be humbled by the strength of Divine love for you.

We are entering, very rapidly, a time in the Earth’s evolution that requires great numbers of people to be living from their Heart Energy – their Soul Vibration – rather than the lower Self. If you are not living at your full potential for contributing love to this planet, then this November will show you God’s Plan for your expansion.

Spiritual surrender means allowing the Universal Order to take care of the details. It means having total faith that what is happening has a sacred purpose in your life, and the lives of others around you. It means handing your Life over to God, and relinquishing hard, ego-led control in favour of softening to the Light.

When you surrender, melt and soften into the life that your Soul is destined to live, you open yourself up to extraordinary and unlimited powers of Divinity. You get to see the miracles that take your breath away, silencing your logical, fear-filled mind with unexpected magic and serendipitous events. You get to see how the Web of Light brings people together for Holy purposes, creates synchronicity and aligns the paths of those who have a combined sacred mission.

November comes with one pure message: it is time to evolve.

You could be literally swept up in a tidal wave of energy this month, as Spirit moves you in directions that are all designed to break open your core and reveal the beauty that lies inside. There are times when you must be re-routed significantly in ways that do not concur with your mind’s ideas of what is right.

These are the most potent times in your journey, because it is often within apparent dissolution and chaos that you are cracked open to God.

Much ‘cracking open’ will occur this month, for it is a time when the Light reveals itself with more intensity, commitment and devotion that you have previously witnessed.

Your heart is ready to be burst open with the Light, claimed by the Light and fully merged with the Light like never before in your existence.

Surrender to the Mystery this month, for there is nothing you can do to stop the tide of Love.


So we made it back to Panama.  Settled on a town and now a place to live. Cupboards are stocked and things put away in an orderly (sort of) fashion.  Now we have looked around more than once and wondered, “What’s next?”  “Why are we really here?”  And “What are we supposed to do here?”  

It is taking all our conscious strength in every moment to remain trusting and open to what’s next.  It’s way too easy to slide back into fear of the unknown, into the fear of uncertainty.  And it is definitely a choice, to fear or remain open to possibilities.  Because we don’t know what is in store for us. All we do know is that where we left is not where we want to be or where we want to end up.  It doesn’t fit our current selves and feels like slow death to both of us.  

It’ll be interesting to see what November brings our way.   



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