Yay, Internet!

I have been offline from Monday morning until late Friday.  I’ve missed reading and writing and connecting with everyone!  


It’s been quite a journey to get internet installed in our new place, but again, we were happily served by the same lady at the phone and internet company who helped me get a phone a couple of weeks ago and installed whatsapp on it for me.  For various reasons, we couldn’t get into town to her office until Thursday, but she got us a deal and called the technicians to come Friday to install our internet.

More examples of abundance…

  • She cut our installation fee in half and got us a five dollar discount on the high speed we wanted (we never asked for a deal on it).  We sat there astounded and thrilled.  I can’t ever see that kind of thing happening with the phone/internet companies in my old life!
  • We got a refund check from our storage fee when we picked up our things.  That was a happy surprise!  
  • The neighbors in this area are great, too.  We couldn’t get the water heater to turn on during the first day and a half, it’s an “on demand” type that hangs on the wall like most water heaters here do, and we just couldn’t figure out how to get it to work.  So we asked the next door neighbor, who happens to be Canadian, much to my Canadian roomie’s delight, if he knew anything about water heaters.  He immediately came over, calling himself a jack of all trades and saying that he has installed many of these in the ten plus years they’ve lived here.  Then he proceeded to get it working with a smile.  How nice to have such a handy neighbor with willing hands and an open heart!
  • The sun is shining here and it’s 77º right now.  There are reports of 6″ of snow coming to where my roommate lived.  My area won’t be far behind that.  Oh darn.  We shall miss shoveling all that snow and shivering in the cold this year.  Not.  🙂

Here is the view from the back yard:




8 responses

  1. What a beautiful back yard view!!! I love the place Dorothy. And the handy ‘man’ next door. Sounds like things are falling into a nice kind of alignment for you! 🙂


    • It is, Em. We love it. Next step, some sort of income! Everything else has fallen into place. (While staying out of outcome…staying out of outcome….gotta keep pinching myself to remember that one!) 😀


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