Moving Day

We move into our new place tomorrow.  It will be nice to get our stuff out of storage again.  The rental house is just outside the town of Boquete, off of the main road to David, with a view of the canyon and the sounds of river rushing through the air.  Actually, it’s the same canyon as in my cover photo above but in a different spot.  I fell in love with that view last time we were here so it’s wonderful that we get to have our own view of it.  Between the two of us, we manifested the perfect house for ourselves, at a price fairly close to what we envisioned.  Three bedrooms, five beds, two baths, laundry room, lots of room inside with a nice yard that’s not too big and even has fruit trees.  We signed the contract for six months yesterday.  It feels so real now, like a huge, firm step instead of the little ones we’ve been taking.  Deep breath.

When we get settled in the new house, we plan to explore what we want to “do” in Boquete and in the surrounding areas, whether it’s learning more Spanish, meeting new friends, volunteering, or a way to bring in income.  There are lots of things we want to explore.  

The weather is beautiful here.  So lovely not to wear coats at this time of year and to see sunshine on a daily basis.  We have walked and walked and walked, getting to know the area and the businesses, and everywhere we go, we meet the nicest people, be they locals or expats.  I love the people in Boquete, basically, in Panama in general.  They are so kind and welcoming and accept everyone.  They smile, a lot. Someone from my area might see the lack of even sidewalks, judge the trash by the sides of the roads or disdain those pitted, strangely paved (to us) roads plus be annoyed by the slow pace of things, but I see the warmth of the souls shining here.  Boquete doesn’t have everything a North American could want, but it has what you need.  And it suits us for now.    



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