Abundance of good health, money, resources, love and friends.  That is what I have made my intention for the second part of my life, along with having something meaningful to contribute to others.  So.  My focus is on abundance.  My past focus was always on what I didn’t have. In other words, lack.  I am done with that now, and I have been watching my intentions come to me without much effort when I let go of outcome and angst, habit and baggage.

We manifested the 3BR house we wanted despite being told many times that we would never find what we wanted for the price we wanted to pay in this area at this time. Abundance number one.

Since we move tomorrow, tonight my friend asked the B&B owner we are staying with how much we owed her for the second week. Her answer? Nothing. What? No, really. We can’t let you do that! Buy me dinner, she said. Finally, we agreed. That’s like half a month’s rent she just handed back to us! We were flabbergasted and thrilled to accept her offer! Plus, she is transporting us to the house and taking us to the storage unit to pick up the rest of our stuff. So kind. The people here are so kind. Abundance number two.

This past week, I got a notice about my retirement application.  I had my daughter send it in for me after I l left so my first thought was, oh boy, I am in Panama, I can’t sign or do anything important from here. I had a January date in mind for it to begin because I thought if I held off until my next birthday, I might get more, and from what I read, you had to have it in 3 months before you could get it. So January was my target date. My retirement is not a lot of money per month as I didn’t work there that long, but it will cover my half of the rent and I am grateful for that. Anyhow, the worker asked me why I wanted to wait until January and that I could have it starting Nov. 4 if I wanted. I told her my thoughts and she said, no it won’t make a difference except you will miss out on 2 months of checks. Holy cow. Someone, a NY government worker, no less (and I was one so I can say that), took the time to talk to me, promptly and efficiently, and then gave me great news about extra money! Abundance number three.

Recently for some unknown reason, I have doubled the amount of subscribers on my blog. Over three years I have been writing here, and only now am I seeing it grow exponentially. Not that I cared about numbers, but to me, it’s more evidence of abundance.  Abundance number four.

Today we volunteered at the monthly spay/neuter clinic sponsored by Amigos de Animales. They had nearly 200 animals to take care of, with 7 vets and many volunteers to monitor and wake the animals after their surgeries. We met even more wonderful people and got to love on some sweet animals at the same time. Abundance of love.  Abundance number five.  

All this in one week.

Finally, the Retreat on the 6th was filled with such abundance, I would not be able to count the ways I felt and received it.  I still feel filled up from that experience.

I have said lately it feels like a log jam has burst.  Abundance is really beginning to flow in obvious ways. Or maybe I am just noticing it more.  It feels really good.


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  1. I had happy tears by the end of this for you. So much coming into your life right now. New website, new place to live, awesome things here for you. Feels like a blossoming as I read you. Wonderful evolution!!


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