Solar flares just keep coming

Used to be, I never considered solar flares or moon action or anything beyond my own little world  of beliefs to have any affect on me at all.  Old wives tales, they called them.  And too “weird” for me.  So, so wrong on my part.  My, how I have changed!  

I remember when working in a restaurant in college and hearing all the wait staff say every full moon, all the crazy people will be out tonight!  And they would be right, our shift would see a lot of strange and wild behaviors.  Same story with the ERs, it always seemed to be the night when people with lots of bizarre or tragic injuries would come in.  

Obviously, I was incorrect in believing all that was nonsense. These days, I am aware of the magnetic pulls and solar flares in my body and emotions.  The blips in our electronics and in Earth’s responses are obvious.  Solar flares affect everything in our world, how can they not?


From Dana Mrkich:

Hi everyone,
This week we have had one strong solar flare after the other. At last count, there have been 2 X class, 9 M class, and 27 C class some of which were almost high enough to cross into M class category.
What do all these rankings mean, and how do they affect us energetically and emotionally? This is all explained in the many posts I wrote throughout the week as the sun kept flaring, and flaring and flaring! You can find individual links to each post at the right of the blog. Enjoy the reading!
This has all led up to the powerful Solar Eclipse today on 0 Degrees Scorpio – can you get more intense than that when it comes to getting a glimpse of all that is hidden, be that stuff in our personal and global underworld, as well as that which lies behind the veil between us and other dimensions of reality.
Mercury goes direct tomorrow so if you have been experiencing strange computer and technology issues, that will hopefully subside – although that is dependent of course on what the Sun continues to do as flares affect electronic equipment, satellites, power grids etc.
These intense energies are bringing up all sorts of stuff: from old patterns and emotions ready to be released, to new potentials ready to be awakened and activated.
I hope you are all well, and send you some love and hugs if it’s been a challenging time.
Much love,

One response

  1. If solar flares can mess with electronics and other machines here, it stands to reason they could also mess with us. I can’t say I’ve ever felt anything myself though, not that I’ve paid much attention either.


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