Open and Willing

Last week you thought you knew what you were headed for, and it seemed like you couldn’t exactly tell when it was all going to go down. This week you need to be prepared for big changes to your big picture plans. This might mean EVERYTHING changes, or that something unrelated to your plan happens that changes your time line, or that you change your mind entirely. That last option might actually mean you decide not to wait another moment and just jump right into your plans for the next chapter. Point is, anything goes, and your best bet is to be prepared for any contingency… not by considering every possibility, but by promising your Self to remain open to whatever appears. In this way, everything can get you closer to your dream destination.

To get to what you want, let go of it.

The Cosmic Path

(I find Stephanie’s horoscopes to always be right on the money for me.)


This past week, we have been diligently searching out and looking at rentals in Boquete.  After looking at the final house (decision time), we knew immediately we loved it, and also knew that it would cost us far more money than the other place we were seriously considering. Though a hundred fifty dollars cheaper per month – not even considering the fact that all the utilities are included – the smaller one had some real drawbacks.  No cooktop or stove or microwave, nothing really to cook on save a hot plate.  It sits over a store on a busy road with no view and no green space. And it’s only 2BR.  It’s not the space we really want.  So we sat down and did a list of pros and cons of the two places and tried to figure out a budget. We wavered back and forth, back and forth, weighing the options.  

Do we choose cost or heart’s desire?  Do we choose fear or trust?

After a lot of discussion and thought, we realized we were looking at the situation from a “lack” perspective instead of one of abundance and trust.  We had a fear of lack, a fear of running out of money.

What we needed to reactivate in ourselves was trust in the abundance of the universe.  

I know that what we emanate, we attract.  In this current time, if we emanated lack and took the smaller one out of fear, we will draw to us more lack.  The universe says, Oh, since you are focusing so much on that, must be you want it!  No judgement from here, we will give it to you!  So if we choose out of lack, resources will be tight and we will feel lack in the smaller place.  My friend and I have been told many times in the past few months that the next year will be a great time for us, so with that in mind, we took a deep breath and decided to trust, to take things as they come.  We rented the bigger house.  “That last option might actually mean you decide not to wait another moment and just jump right into your plans for the next chapter.” 

We love the place, it has 3BR and 2BA, as well as a nice yard with a magnificent view of the canyon and river below.  The sounds of the river rushing through the canyon is a peaceful and calming sound to my whole body, and the backyard has several fruit trees from which to harvest.  We can plant a garden.  It also has 5 beds!  Three extra beds we can fill!  So we made the leap of faith, placing our focus on love and the good feeling the house and neighborhood gives us, choosing not to worrying about having enough money to do what we want in the long run.  Who knows what the future holds for us?  (Later it was suggested to us that we could get a roommate for the third bedroom.  That was an interesting thought, and one we will certainly look into!)

We have to wait for the owner to give the final agreement and for the place to be cleaned, inside and out, and it will be Monday before we can get in.  Plans are a swirling in our heads.

As a bonus side note to this: I got a call the next day after we took the house about my retirement request, telling me I will be getting that check beginning next month instead of in January. It was a really nice surprise!  That’s like being given a wink from the Universe about being provided for.  No doubt about it.

I am far more open and willing and making more leaps than ever before in my life. And so much good stuff keeps coming my way now, ever since I’ve begun changing this old, stuck pattern of mine.  The difference in me is creating the difference in my outer experience.  It’s amazing.  I may be repeating this here, but I told my friend the other day it feels like a log jam has broken open lately.  

It’s a good feeling to leap.  Scary, but good.


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