Sometimes Silence….

Been There and Done That

From Kryon Live Channel ” Soul Journeying, Part 1″
March 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand

What is one of the chief attributes of mastery? Silence. You knew that. We have taught you, “Be still and know you are God.” It’s silence. When you are silent, there is an internal knowing.

You’re wise beyond words because in history you’ve been there and done that. Perhaps you don’t know the details, but just sit there for a moment and be quiet. Don’t you feel who you are? Is this too far removed from your Human intellectual pursuit? Is this too far removed from your 3D logic to think that there was more to life than what you’ve been told?

 ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll


Kryon is always right on the mark for me.  When I was a kid, I was always bugged to talk more.  I was an observer of people and situations and rarely contributed to conversations around me.  I rarely felt the need to speak and to this day, I still feel the same way.  I remember once saying, “I don’t have anything to say!” after being nagged once again to say something by my mother.  I am not, nor ever will be, one who talks just to hear the sound of her own voice.  

On the other hand, I love to write and could take a simple topic and make it book length.  But for me, talking is overrated.  I can sit in a room with people all night and never say a thing and be happy.  I am more of a hmmm-that’s-interesting-observer-thinker type, with conversations going on in my head or one who simply sits in complete silence listening to others.  I used to think that meant I was shallow since I had nothing to add to conversations until one day a reader told me I was “deep.”  As in, Still Waters Run Deep.  Me?  Deep?  Of course I needed more clarification on that one!  But what a relief to find out I wasn’t shallow or stupid, that just because I didn’t talk much, it didn’t mean I had nothing going on.

Then there are the times I prefer to be alone, in complete silence.  Lots of noise and tv  tends to make me feel frazzled and irritated.  Silence is my friend and my nourishment.  It’s just who I am.

Kryon confirms in this message that silence is wonderful.  It’s a good thing sometimes.  I often feel there’s a part of me that “knows” the bigger picture and has no desire to discuss it.  


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