Life Flows Through You, Not At You

While listening to Neale Donald Walsch last night, I got chills in the midst of his talk. It was regarding gratitude and how everything is here FOR us.

God told him, Life flows through you.  Nothing happens to us.

Now, I have heard this message many times before and thought I had integrated it. But I heard it on a deeper level this time. 

When he spoke of gratitude, I immediately flashed back to the message I got last year in my dream at the Retreat, my guide specifically and emphatically telling me, All you need is… Latitude… and Gratitude.  Neale’s reminder comes after hearing Matt Kahn a few days ago speak about one of his own messages from God. God said, “Don’t apologise for what I did through you.”  Don’t apologise!  That was a big aha for me, too.  If that is not the cue to stop being mean to yourself, I don’t know what is.

Life flows through us.  God flows through us.  Nothing happens to us.  It flows through us, it’s part of the deal called living.  It just is.  

And we choose how we allow it to flow through us.  Money, love, friendship, comfort, aid, joy, positivity, negativity, all kinds of emotions flow through us.  That’s why we spiritual folks often hear the saying, We get back what we put out.  Because life is flowing through us and it comes back to us the same way.  Multiplied, actually.  So, when we push against life or criticize it or judge it or try to control it, we are not letting life flow through us in the way it is meant to do, and in the way that feels simple and good and abundant.  We’re actually stopping it up.

The idea of letting life flow through me makes the concept of fractals and being connected to everything above and below, within and without, Earth and Galactic, feel less of a mental or woowoo game and lets me integrate it more.  There’s a part of me inside doing a happy dance.  I get it!  It connects the dots for me.  

All of this is what I needed to hear as I was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed with all we are doing to make a place for ourselves here.  We are talking to lots of people, making connections, and trying to find a place to live, as well as wondering and exploring how we are going to bring in an income to live on.  The feelings that were beginning to creep in were, Omg, this is too hard and When we will find a place and we might have to compromise but we don’t want to since that’s all we have ever done!  And oh yeah, Our money is going fast, how will we bring in more?  Blah blah blah.  I knew I was fast sliding down an unpleasant slope towards being in outcome and being mean to myself.

That’s what important for me on this path of consciousness I walk….I now recognize when I’m sliding into unloving and unproductive ways of being.  Awareness makes it easier to make changes faster.  Sometimes I need help so I tap someone for a session or a chat, but usually I can take a breath and find a way to choose a different perspective.  I start over using the knowledge and wisdom I already have within. 

So I turned around and looked at this process with different eyes…and felt such gratitude well up in me for all the new people, new friends and new experiences we are having (some enjoyable and some not so much) here in this process of finding a place to live.  People are coming out of the woodwork with offers of help everywhere we go.  Friends of friends who have or know a really good realtor or know of a landlord or a place and then we get names and numbers.  Strangers are becoming smiling friends.  We’re getting a lot of noes and dead ends but that’s alright, too.

I find I am deeply grateful for being able to spend money which benefits me as well as others.  People like those who sell things to me from the small fresh fruit and veggie stands, the kind taxi drivers who smile and drop us off safely, and the realtors who have picked us up and driven us around.  I am loving and thankful for all the tasty food prepared by so many great cooks.  So, I just decided to enjoy the process of letting money flow through me with the knowledge that it will flow back.  

With that said, yesterday I purchased a better phone with the intention of downloading an app called “whatsapp” so I can text anyone (my kids mainly) anywhere for free, if they have the same app.  I bought a cheap 15 dollar phone in April that works, but not very well and won’t do apps – thus the upgrade – but buying a new one seemed like an unnecessary splurge and my brain kept telling me, you don’t need this!  Let life flow…  The lovely lady in the phone store, Geovana, spent at least an hour with us helping me choose a phone and a plan, and answering questions.  She even took Debbie’s phone from her to speak in Spanish to one of our callers about a house when Debbie had issues understanding what was being communicated.  In the end, I got a nice phone with great plan, all for a great price, and even got Geovana’s personal number, put in my phone by her own volition mind you, in case we ever need anything.  She is not the first one to do this.  

Our current host, who is kind and helpful, knows everyone, and keeps giving us leads and rides as well as a good rate to stay here also has my gratitude.  Money will flow through us out to her just as her kindness comes through her to us.

I am amazed at all this.  And grateful.  I am choosing to let life flow through me knowing it will come back to me.  I am allowing myself the latitude and the vulnerability to not know what is coming or how.  And I never take for granted all the support lovingly and freely offered.  I am so blessed.

Life flows through me, not at me.


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