3-2-1 Launch!

Introducing my brand new website and business…..drum roll please………………..


Dream Catcher Interpretations 



Logo designed by Erin Foster, graphic designer and precious friend.

(I accidently used the wrong name, I apologise Erin!!  Corrected now!)

This enterprise has long been in the making, beginning about ten years ago as I learned more and more about symbols and dream meanings.  I had a great teacher in one of my first spiritual group sites who really took us deep into dream messages. She crossed over last year and I feel her sitting with me as I do these.  She is never far away and I know she appreciates me passing this on.  I am really grateful for all her teachings and inspirations so Thank you Lighthawk.  From that point on, this was just something that grabbed me and hasn’t let go.  I was fascinated to see the meanings in each dream and caught on easy. Soon I was translating friends’ and family members’ dreams.  

Recently friends began encouraging me to offer this out to others as a way to not only help them, but to help me move forward in my new life.  It took me awhile to make the decision but if feels right, and I have, with suggestions and input from my daughter and friends, been designing and refining the site for a couple of months. Now I am putting myself out there (again) and we’ll see what happens!

Pass the word my friends.  To start this off, I am offering super low rates.  In a few months I will put them where they need to be since it takes me quite a bit of time and energy to do these interpretations. I did lots of research to come up with a rate that doesn’t trigger me, yet is a nice exchange of energy.

I am so happy to offer this.  It makes me smile to know that I am going to do something I love, help others, and support myself at the same time. Launchtime!


12 responses

    • Thanks Kris. When you understand the message, yes, they stop. The dreams are meant as guidance so you need to put into practice some kind of behavior or belief change, too, ie drop some baggage for this to be permanent. My daughter kept dreaming of fires when her baby was born and she was so scared. I talked to her about them, and they stopped. When I got the messages about my own fear dreams and other types of dreams, they, too stopped. Of course, then you start getting new messages! LOL!


  1. Congratulations on your new site, I always love dream meanings and enjoy reading your interpretations in your posts.

    I was saddened to learn of Lights passing, and I remember her with love and fondness, what a wonderful blessing to have her support along the way xx


    • Thanks Pat! It takes practice but it’s possible to remember, even if it’s just bits and pieces, at least it’s something! Either way, remember or not, your dream life is beneficial to your “waking” life.


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