From Carrie Hart:

Grizzly Bear Speaks

“Do not be afraid of encountering and confronting power.  You have power as well, deep power, endless power.  You have the power of truth, and it runs like an endless river through you.

“Do you think that the river of truth is not strong?  It can carve mountains, it can move boulders far larger and heavier than I can move.  It can clear the way, make an opening through which you can walk.

“Your truth knows when to approach and when to avoid.  Your truth knows exactly what to say to make things right.  Your truth knows when to rise to your full height and roar like a Grizzly, when to watch and wait and when to turn and leave.

“Your truth knows that tenacity can win over mere brute strength.  How else would it carve the mountains?”


My animal symbol for courage is Grizzly.  He came to me a few years ago during a mediation when I asked for an animal to help me find my courage.  I saw a huge grizzly show up, walking out of the woods to stand on his hind legs in front of me just like in the photo above.  I heard his deep, growly voice speak about finding my courage and promising to stand behind me whenever I needed some support.

I rarely call on Grizzly anymore, but he was present with me this week at the Retreat as I waited to speak to Eloheim and started to get a nervous stomach.  On my right side was my Guardian Angel, Grizzly had my back and on my left was my main Guide, an elder, a wise American Indian who always calls me Daughter.  I had my three main helpers standing with me in spirit and love this week, reminding me of my own courage and they are always there when I call on them for extra support.  Today I opened this email from last week and voila, there is my Grizzly.  Perfect timing.


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