ELOHEIM: Channeling, What it is, What it’s like

For those of you who are curious, this was fun and enlightening.  This is who I’ll be with come Monday.



3 responses

  1. I’m sorry, I tried… I have NO idea what she is talking about. What is this ellaheem (have no idea how to spell it) that keeps coming up? This is obviously not an intro for someone who doesn’t know anything, and it’s so frustratingly disorganized. I wanted to quit in the first five minutes but hung in there for 45, but still couldn’t make sense of it. You obviously see a lot of value in this so I wish I could see what you see.


    • No problem Kris. Eloheim is not for everyone. This wasn’t meant to be organized, per se. It was a fun get together, an off-the-cuff chat, an unrehearsed and going with the flow conversation that we had this past week about what Veronica does. Veronica was relaxed and having fun, which was nice to see since she often has to be so together and in charge.

      Eloheim is the nonphysical energy she has channeled for over 12 years. They are teachers and guides offering tools to help us in our personal growth. They love us humans unconditionally and without judgment. They care about our well-being and are here to help us feel better and grow, if we want. They are straightforward (no bunnies and rainbows) in their style and extremely humorous. And not for everyone.

      When I started this path, I remember being ticked off I didn’t understand what the teachers I read or listened to were expressing. I disagreed, a lot. But I was intensely curious and looking for a way out of the mess of my own thoughts and emotions and trying to understand how the world worked. It took awhile and different teachers to begin to get a handle on any of it but now, well, I wouldn’t be as centered and adjusted and as far as I am without those same teachers, Eloheim being number one for me. I have had HUGE breakthroughs learning with them. But I took a windy path to get here.

      Everyone has to find their own way and their own teachers that resonate with them. You just know when you do. And one will often lead to another. It’s a series of steps, like anything you pursue. I don’t expect everyone to understand, but it’s a part of me and I posted it for those who were curious about the Retreat I am attending that starts Monday.

      No worries! I’m sorry it felt so off to you. Blessings.


      • That sounds like me and Buddhism. When I found it, it was like being stuck by lightning. I knew immediately I had finally found what I had been looking for, and it has helped me enormously. I will have to do a web search on Eloheim when I get a bit of time so I can find more explaination. Maybe it’s just a different way to get to the same destination? I have a feeling all religions and spiritual paths are trying to get to the same place. They just go astray too often when we humans with our own agendas get involved and mess everything up.


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