One More Week

One week from today I get on an airplane to my next destination.  On the one hand, I am so looking forward to my next adventures.  On the other, at times I find myself wondering what the hell I’m doing leaving here when I have all the basics at hand and am in my comfort zone. Here is a known quantity with no struggle to speak or understand a different language, laws and customs, and I have my family.  However, I’m well aware that staying here this long has allowed some old feelings to creep in and slightly derail my excitement.  I am feeling a bit drained and without focus again.

I love my kids and grandkids and am so happy to have spent so much time with them again, especially my daughter.  It was great reconnecting with her, she’s a big part of me and holds a huge place in my heart.  I believe she and I have spent many lives together.  But she has her own life and goals and I can’t use her to fill my current life.  Nor anyone else can anyone else do that, for that matter.

What I don’t have here is something that keeps me interested and energized.  It’s routine.  And boring.  And feels very limited and unsatisfying. There is no more for me to “milk” from this experience.  So off I go.

My next adventure starts with another visit to Lisa Gawlas in Albuquerque before I head on to Sonoma, California for the annual Eloheim Retreat.  I look forward to both adventures.   Lisa is a fun, energetic, and spiritually connected person and she has made plans to take us to the Balloon Fest and Indian Crafts Festival in Albuquerque while I’m there.  I can’t wait!  Then the Retreat.  Wow.  This year sounds so great.  This is the 12th anniversary of Veronica publicly channelling Eloheim and we appreciate her sharing of the teachings and guidance.  The Retreat will be amazing, as always.  I always come away with new perspectives and more centered, more at peace within myself.  Also, I come away with the joy of having spent time with these amazing individuals who make up the E tribe.

After that I will fly to Atlanta and meet up with Debbie, my partner for our Panama adventure, and fly together to Panama City.  I haven’t even begun to work on those details!  Don’t know where we’re staying when we arrive in the city or where we’ll land when we get to Boquete, but I’m not worried.  I’ll work on those next week.

At the moment, I spend a lot of my time in my sewing room, working on projects, some of which I will leave for Christmas presents.  I have missed sewing over the last ten years while working full-time plus.  I am hoping I can purchase a cheap, used machine when I get to Boquete so I can continue.  I think I can sell stuff I make, but in any case, it’s satisfying for me to be creative in this way.

I have only one more detail to put into my second website, and soon, I will unveil my new endeavor here.  So much fun for me!  I never thought I would do something like this or trust myself enough to do it, but here I go, jumping off the cliff into another new adventure.

Hasta Luego!


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