It’s An Inside Job

You Healing You
From Kryon Book 7:Letters From Home
Pages 57-58


There is no outside source that comes in and visits you when you heal yourself, or when you receive a miracle—did you know that? No outside source. Instead, there is revelation through balance and awareness—a true wholeness that heals you miraculously. All healing and miracles come right out of the middle of you! They come from the very essence of your cellular level, as if by “magic.” …So often your quest for God to grant you a miracle is actually you asking your own cellular structure to create one.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll


This is taking responsibility for all that we have created in our lives, whether we did it consciously or unconsciously, in human form or in spirit form. Sometimes we have created the “thing”, the event or the story, while in spirit so we can experience exactly what we are experiencing. Sometimes we create due to our human choices and how we react to the event.

Source, God, Creator, Spirit, Allah, whatever name you give the energy of  creation, wants to experience everything, and we are each a part of that experiencing.  We humans can choose to judge the experience in whatever manner we want.  However, the judgments and beliefs of our egos are what limit us.  When we believe we can change things, we can change things.  We can create a long lasting, unpleasant experience or we can experience it and then let go and move on.  That’s the power and the gift of Free Will that only humankind has been granted.   There’s truth in the saying, “It’s an inside job.”  Our cellular structure has a consciousness of its own that is directed by our thoughts and beliefs.  So what are you telling yourself?

This is a daily reset for me, especially when I wake up in pain.  Do I want to stay in this state all day long?  Am I going to sit in judgment of my body and be mad at it all day?  No, that’s not helpful.  So, I have to watch what I tell myelf with my thoughts.  As Eloheim says, “Choose and choose again.”  Meaning, in each moment and in each day, I choose the path that is most desireable to me.  And it starts inside.


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