Open To Your Highest Potential

In these days of chaos and upheavals and so much uncertainty, remember to stay open and willing to what all of it has to offer you.   Your human mind is only trying to keep you alive, your soul knows the whole story.  There is always something useful or fascinating to glean from the story in front of you.


Your mind has no idea what your highest potential is.
Your soul knows exactly where you are trying to go.
When overwhelmed by life or what is occurring for you, sit quietly for a moment and say ‘I open to
my highest potential’, and breathe for a few minutes. Repeat the phrase a few times, and your body
will begin to calm and you will rise again.

• I open to my highest potential.
• I allow all the wisdom of my life so far to create in me an alchemical direction of abundance.
• I absorb the gifts from all the lessons. I release the shadows of the past.
• I open to the light that is present in my future.
• I am me.
• I am love.
• I am my highest potential

~~Lee – from the Open to Your Highest Potential checklist used during the 2013 live events of the same name.


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