In The Thick of Things

Today’s a new day.  I have a date with ex-coworkers at 1 for lunch.  Yay!  I have a date at the fair tomorrow afternoon with a friend and another one for breakfast the next morning.  Soon I will head to NJ for a visit if I ever hear back from my niece.  

I talked to retirement and made a decision there but have to call back to the office to get the paperwork ball rolling.

Yesterday I went to visit the in-laws.  To beard the lion in their own den, to get it over with truthfully.  My sister-in-law lives in the same house, different section.  I went armed with my inner tools of love and courage and strength and self worth. My sil was wonderful and loving.  We gave and received hugs and love and I felt good about our visit.  My mil, on the other hand, ugh.  No smiles, stand-offish, and judgy.  This was a woman who has called me her “other daughter” for 40 years. Funny how that “love” disappeared when I did something she didn’t approve.  Oh well.  I hugged her and told her I loved her.  Didn’t get it in return but that’s okay.  I don’t need her love to love her.  She’s got her own stuff to work on and it’s not mine.

I am at my old house now after 4 nights at my daughter’s place.  Feels funny to be here, like it’s not mine anymore.  But my husband is being kind, loving and friendly so it’s good in that respect.  He doesn’t feel like “mine” anymore either just a good friend which is how I wanted it to be.   My cats are deliriously happy that I am here. It’s nice to get some kitty loving!

Hey guess what?   LOL.  I have been kind of cold since I’ve been here!  I left 99 degree temperatures in Panama City and it’s about 70 right now here in upstate NY.  Nights are colder but it’s great sleeping and I don’t need a fan.  Pants are in order though.  People greet me and say, I expected you to be browner!  Well, when you don’t have access to a pool or ocean, you tend to stay out of the hundred degree weather!  I lost a lot of my tan after we left Taboga Island.  Besides, I freckle lol, not tan.

Okay I need to get busy so I can leave soon.  Later! 



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