Immersion in the Truth of Life

We can’t get away from love no matter how hard we try.

It’s a fact.  It just IS.

We are immersed in it.  Created in it.  Birthed in it.  Live in it.  Breathe its very essence with every inhale.  Exist in it, before and after incarnation.

We are IT.

All the beating of ourselves up we do, the staying small, negative emotions, and daily judgments we make about ourselves and others do not negate that fact.

All the denial doesn’t make it less true.

All the pain and anger and visual opposites we see in the media cannot change this fact.

We can’t talk ourselves out of it because there is nothing else.  It’s a blanket we wrap ourselves in.  It’s swimming underwater without gear.  It’s the air we breathe and walk through.

It is the very basis of all life.

Only the veil of forgetfulness we donned as we came into physical life has caused us to refute and deny this fact.   Only forgetfulness has caused us to go looking for it in other ways.

We never had to go looking for it.


Love just IS.  It’s all there is.

Staying tapped into this truth is our new challenge.

I, for one, am ready to drop the veil so I can access this remembering at all times. The other way is just too painful to live anymore.



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