Choppy Waters

So I woke with a really vivid dream this morning.  Not disturbing, but very, very real.

I was sitting on the right side in a large aircraft looking out a window as we were coming in for a landing.  The landing strip was near the ocean, or in the ocean, not sure of where our end point was, and so we slowed as we came closer to the water preparing for our landing.  I looked down and out to the side, and the waves were huge, as high as the top of the plane.  We were in a trough between the waves as we got close to the water, and I was observing how dark and choppy the water was but feeling totally unconcerned about it.  Suddenly as we were very close to touching down, we took a sharp upturn and the engines kicked into high gear as the pilot decided to go up and come back around to wait for calmer seas to try again.

When I looked behind us, I could see a smaller plane, perhaps a two-seater, coming in wheels down (on the water? lol)  for a landing.   The path through the water now had two tracks where other planes had previously landed while the water around the immediate area looked icy except for where the tracks had melted through.  I wondered how come they could land and we couldn’t?  And where did the ice come from?  There was a long line of other planes behind that small plane, all coming in for a landing, one after another.  It was a very busy place in the middle of the water!  As I looked back, I noticed a few small white buildings alongside the landing path.

What I immediately get from this is that right now life is crazy all around me.  There are, and will be, all kinds of events and situations and emotions rising up, but as long as I pilot calmly and wisely through them, I will be fine.  

Right side of the aircraft refers to the intuitive side as opposed to the logical, ego driven side that I have lived by for most of my life. So that’s encouraging!  

As for the large and the small sizes of the planes, I’m not sure of that meaning. Why was I in such a large aircraft?  Maybe it refers to the “old soul”, many lives, much wisdom (and much baggage) thing?  But it seems there are also many other pilots in this life doing the same thing!

Water refers to emotions – whew, were they ever choppy in the dream – and yes, it has been quite the week for those types of emotional challenges in my waking life. Week?  Make that months, years, even.  But I do feel like I am finally getting it despite the troughs I sometimes find myself (like this past week).  I can see the way to navigate out of them a lot quicker than I used to.   I like that I wasn’t scared or disturbed at what was going on around the plane.  I can remember many dreams where I was scared of crashing and turbulence. 

This is such a cool dream, one I am going to enjoy chewing on for a while.  There is more here the more I look.


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