Your Core Negative Imprint

Your Core Emotion.  This is a topic I have addressed before.  One which is near and dear to my heart and has evolved in me as I myself have evolved.  It’s what Eloheim calls Your Core Emotion.  I have a tendency to share this tool more often with others than anything else I have ever learned from Eloheim, it was that transformational for me.  

Today I watched a video from Teal Swan entitled “Find Your Negative Imprint, Find Your Life Purpose.”  This same core emotion that I learned about with Eloheim she calls Your Core Negative Imprint, and she says it is what you came here to do in this lifetime.

It’s a powerful topic.  Our Core Emotion is in every one of our personal interactions, in the healed or unhealed version.  Here Teal is teaching how to get to the feeling behind the imprint andthen find a way to describe it so you can recognize it again.  Oh there that is again. I see you Core Negative Imprint. Let’s turn this around and look at it a different way.  And then you can begin to heal it.  

Mine, as you probably know, is I don’t matter, which I found out in a session with Eloheim about four or five years ago.  I never felt like my presence mattered or that my words and thoughts and feelings made any difference to anyone else.  I felt invisible for much of my life.  I found out last year during a regression that it literally began as I lay in my infant bed, feeling neglected as my mother was off sitting at a table, smoking and ignoring me.  Likely it began with my birth father putting a gun to my mother’s belly and saying to her, Get rid of it or I will.  I don’t have a conscious memory of that, but she told me the story when I met her again in my forties.  This negative feeling has been in every single relationship of my life until recently, when I began to heal it.

The healed statement I have always used since the Eloheim session is, I matter to me.  Or simply, I matter, but after watching this teaching of Teal’s, I realize the words are different now.  The healed part of me now says, I have value.  I have something valuable to offer.  I am valuable.  And it doesn’t matter how others see me anymore, for I know my value.  I may still have to remind myself sometimes, but I know my life has value, especially and most importantly, to me.  I just wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have value to offer. I am valuable.  That’s such a powerful feeling for me.

Check it out.  Perhaps Teal will help you find your own Core Emotion/Negative Imprint.


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    • Welcome! And thank you, I’m glad you enjoy my writing!
      This is such an important part in each of our journeys. When we can recognize the roots of our behaviors and thoughts, we can evolve easier, faster by addressing and healing the parts of us that feels this way. How we do it, of course, is also individual. Mine involved going back in time and loving all those parts of me that felt like she didn’t matter to anybody. It’s amazing work and such a joy to our souls when we love all parts of our being, even the parts we feel are unloveable. Because we are loved and loveable. And we do matter!

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    • If “neglected or abandoned” feels like your unhealed core emotion, then your life purpose would be to recognize when this is expressing itself and heal it by loving the part of you that feels that way. Try to remember the first time you felt that way, take that little girl in your arms in your meditation/imagination and let her know she is loved and has never been left alone. Treat her as sweetly as you would the hurt, four year old child of your best friend or an abused, abandoned puppy. Know that you are never neglected and abandoned because you are surrounded by loving beings who came with you when you were born and have never left your presence. We humans have just forgotten they are there or to call on them.
      Try to find the healed version of this feeling with an affirmation, like “I love and support myself” or “I am always supported by loving, unseen forces/spirit” or “My higher self is my support and has never left me” or simply “I am never alone”. The idea is for you to find the healed statement that resonates. And then use it when those old feelings come up to remind your tender self of the truth. This is not a one-time thing either, my unhealed CE still pops up and needs to be loved on, though not as often as it used to, and the feeling dissipates quickly with a little loving attention.
      Good for you for recognizing what is going on for you and wanting to change it.


  1. Interesting, It seems we are on a similar journey. I have researched many things about this thing called life. what I have found is it’s about undoing the blocks to our true nature, which by the way is love. Enjoy the ride.


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