The Phoenix

Phoenix’ Message of Blazing Rebirth & Renewal

“For some, the path to renewal is not gentle, is not easy, and is not something to be taken lightly.  For some, renewal follows a complete burning away of what was, a disintegration of what had been created, a rendering into ashes of the life which existed.  For some, it is a fire that consumes, and only after that fire comes the growth from the ashes of a new life, clear and pure and beautiful, a growth from the inside out, where the true self shines out as never before.

“If you are a Phoenix, if you are like me, then a few gentle repairs will not do the job.  If you are a Phoenix, just dropping your antlers or your peacock feathers and then re-growing them the following season will not be enough.

“If you are a Phoenix, if you are like me, then you may have to destroy your life utterly in order to become what you are meant to be.  You may need to go all the way down to the core of what and who you are, and this may well feel as if you are falling into ashes.  But then, but then, you emerge in such beauty and power as to inspire awe in all those who behold you.

“Sometimes life gives us the great gift of the burning down without our seeking.   You may feel that the job loss or divorce or financial disaster or even the loss of someone you loved deeply is a force that only destroys.  But it is not so.  From the ashes of the life you had before, you have the power to emerge again, to come forward in a blazing glory, showing parts of yourself that were hidden, parts that may feel raw and unfamiliar, but are truly the self which has finally found how to break free and show itself.

“When your life is in flames, allow yourself to go into the ashes with grace.  From that vantage point, from that place lying flat on the ground, openings suddenly appear that did not exist to you when you were flying high.  From this vantage point, miracles often occur and lives take a sudden shifting into newness.

“Let each tear water the ashes of the past so that a new life may spring forth in grace and beauty.  As long as you can take another breath in this precious life, you can renew yourself and come forth more glorious than ever, sparkling new, shining brightly, a new Phoenix born from the ashes of what was.

“Give thanks.  You are a Phoenix!”

Please join us under the full moon Saturday, July 12th at 7 PM Pacific/ 10 PM Eastern for a shaman ritual of renewal.  If your life is in Phoenix ashes or if you are seeking a gentle renewal of Peacock or Buck, come join us in cleansing and clearing and then stepping into a bright and shining life, full of energy and purpose. Go to now to sign up.  You will be so glad you did!

Love & peace,

Carrie, Modern Shaman & Pathfinder,



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