Secrets of the Soul’s Journey: Matt Kahn

Spent a lot of time with this man today.  He said he was a Buddhist monk in another life, well, I totally felt that energy from him.  

Got some big ahas as I watched this video clip:

1:  Stop telling  your story, stop owning it.  Let go of ownership.  Every time you own it, you prevent it from being released from your energy field and the Collective. You’re saying, come back here, so I can make up a story about myself that makes me something other than the miracle that I am.  Don’t justify, don’t preface.  It’s not what we’re here to do.  We’re here to transform reality using our personal story as a map of redemption. 

*Transformation of that in progress.

2:  What you release in your body is released and transformed on behalf of all bodies and the Collective condition.  The love energy radiates outward.  

*Wow.  That makes all the transformations we go through more than a personal journey.  I “knew” this, he rephrased it for me and added it to my heart’s wisdom.

3.  Those that are most liberated are totally in the body.  Those that are having the hardest time are not actually in it.  They’re fragmented.      

*Explains a lot!

4:  Old souls are wise after incarnating in so many lives.  We don’t need to dispense wisdom just because we are wise.  Some of us live in our heads.  Our crown chakras are wide open and full of wisdom, and we are unbalanced.  Others live in our hearts, spreading love love everywhere, living with little wisdom.  If our third eye is not open, if we feel we are not accessing our soul’s wisdom, we are unbalanced. There is not a good connection between the heart and the crown.

*Raises hand slowly- lives a lot in the head.  My heart has been not nearly as involved as my head, and I know this and have been challenged to find successful ways to change this pattern.  I realize I offer far too much “wisdom” not only to others, but myself, when it is not needed.  Offering love is a better option many times.  I shall be much more aware.

5:  Our job as a lightworker happens in the trenches and we are double agents. We are helping the Collective, reflecting things back to each other, to release cellular baggage on a collective energetic level.  We all agreed to this at a higher level (soul) to get together to do this.  The release happens as we feel the intensity of emotions go through us.  Send some I love you’s to your heart as you feel the intensity.  Then don’t fill the space back up with another story.  Fill that empty space with love instead.

*Got it.  

Lots more good stuff here and in his other videos.  Thanks to whoever introduced me to him.  Much much appreciation here.  His calm, loving demeanor and energy is a lovely thing of which to be a part.


2 responses

  1. Yeah. Writing stuff down is how I manage to retain things. I do that with Eloheim, too. I do it with everything actually. Written seems to imprint it better so I can pull it back up. It may be slow but at least we’re aware and making changes!
    We are gifted with so many great teachers out there right now. I love being led to new ones. Not new messages usually, just relayed differently and reinforcing what I am learning elsewhere.


  2. I often find myself writing down things he says. So glad you do too. Statement #4 really hit me too when I heard it. I have spent parts of my life in my head, then parts of it in my heart. Currently trying to bridge the two – it’s a slow process at this point. 🙂


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