It’s been awhile since I did this so I went to Carrie’s site, Power Animals Unleashed, and asked, what power animal would like to walk with me this month?  What qualities do I need to embody this month?  And this is who showed up.  I love cats, especially big cats.  Do you know what I see and feel when I look at them?  Besides gorgeous beauty?  Supreme and utmost confidence in who they are.  I want that.  Perfect.


The Tiger

Beauty          Focus          Discipline

Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the tiger fill you.


Strength and beauty combined, this is the great gift of the tiger.  She knows her beauty and wears it well, walking with confidence, every movement a ballet of grace and power. 


The tiger will teach you to love your own body and feel your own strength.  Breathe in tiger energy and you will know the truth, that you are beautiful, just as you are, exactly as you are.  Let confidence fill you as you fully realize your beauty and fill with power.  You are the tiger.


The tiger also brings you the powers of tenacity and discipline, for she  knows what is important to her and stays focused upon it.  Let her fill you with the energy required to follow through on what truly matters to you.   With her tireless energy, you will not let a day go by without surveying what is important to you and making sure that all is well.


Tiger energy is also highly medicinal.  When you are not feeling well, breathe in her healing powers and let them fill you, driving the toxins out of your body.  Over time her strong immune system will infuse you with vibrant health.


Quiet and strong, she will be your companion, resting comfortably in your heart, there to give you courage and strength when you need it most.  Feel her there, now, in your heart. 


You are the tiger.  All is well.



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