Everything Has a Purpose

Everything has purpose

Can you trust that everything, absolutely everything in life is in right order. Everything that happens around you is with purpose. Everything is in a harmonious dance of creation designed to interact in a beautiful dance of love. And when things do not feel loving it is simply born of misunderstanding – either the misunderstanding of those creating the actions, or the misunderstanding of those who bear witness.

But how can such atrocities as murder or abuse be in “right order,” we hear you asking? How can they possibly serve a purpose? Dear ones, at the level of human interaction they are, of course, morally wrong. To hurt or kill another is an unloving action and a crime not only against the other, but also against humanity, and more importantly against one’s deepest and truest essence… which is love.

Nonetheless, beneath every horrible action, we see love attempting to emerge. We see hurting souls crying for their pain to be seen in the most unloving and un-evolved ways. We see those who suffer at the hands of murderers, abusers, and other perpetrators frequently, as angels who are willing, as the famous martyrs of old, to suffer if they feel it would help remove another’s pain. Is this necessary? Of course not dear ones. God asks very few souls to be martyrs, and yet so many volunteer out of a belief that it is the holiest course of action to do so. 

If you could only see the decisions made before birth… “I will do anything, anything to wake up this other soul that I love so much…even if it involves suffering at their hand!” In the heavens before birth that is such an easy decision to make, because the soul knows it is eternal. On earth, these spirits – now human – often wonder what they have done to “deserve” such behaviors. No one, and we repeat, no one, deserves abuse of any kind. 

And while this kind of choice – to suffer for the sake of another, may seem unthinkable – how many of you have willingly sacrificed your own well being, even in the smallest of ways, out of a desire to help and assist another? This is not wrong. It is a choice. Only you can decide if the choice feelings loving and right for all involved, including yourself.

There are an infinite number of reasons for suffering on your planet earth. Some souls suffer, as the martyrs do, trying to “wake up” another. Some wish to inspire compassion. Some souls leave the earth in seemingly awful ways because they are tired, complete, or in rare cases, curious about transition. Some feel, erroneously, that they “deserve” punishment for past life behaviors. So while at the human level see suffering as “bad” or “wrong,” understand that even the toughest situations on earth have merit and purpose to the soul. 

Why do we have this discussion dear ones? Because so many of you feel such sadness when you witness the world’s pain. We in the heavens dearly wish that all souls would choose to grow in a more loving and kind way for themselves and others. But we do not allow the behavior of others to remove us from seeing and feeling the love of the Creator. And you, even as humans, can bear witness to the world’s suffering and still know that each and every soul involved is being given an opportunity to learn more about love – love of God, love of self, and love of others, for as we see it… this is all One in the same.

Ann Albers:  Angel Messages, Visions of Heaven

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