Trust the process

Trust the process. Very difficult for a human mind to do, for the mind has been programmed to believe certain misleading beliefs and strive for certain unattainable and soul destroying goals. And in some cases, the motto has been that if something is not working, work at it harder.

This is not always the truest way. Sometimes, the unfolding of events and circumstances do not happen in the way that you would want them to. And when this happens, you must ask yourself what is the truth of the situation.

You can force a jigsaw piece into a puzzle space where it doesn’t fit, ONLY at a cost to the shape of that piece. And the same is true for life. If a piece isn’t working, remember to allow it to not work.

Sometimes persistence will get you everywhere. Many times not. Remember this principle and you will save yourself time and frustration.~~The Z’s through Lee, from The Guidance 2012 Compendium


This is one I have to work at.  Especially when things don’t go as I had planned or thought they would.  Wait, that’s nearly always.  

This plan to move here, for example.  We have to keep reminding ourselves to stay present and not jump to the 50th step or the outcome.  That is not what we can control.  We can only stay in the place and moment we find ourselves in, and then take one more step.  Then take another. The present moment is all in which we can participate.  The future is not here, the past is over.  

We have discovered that the carrot that got us here is not the reason we are here.  We have realised that each version of what we thought we wanted, was not the way it was going to happen.  We are at the point of allowing this new life to unfold, step by step, because all our planning had nothing to do with what is currently in our present moment. Working harder at it has been no help whatsoever. Circumstances have had to unfold as they unfolded and not as we wanted.  The puzzle piece we were trying to force did not fit.

This is a challenge, indeed, for recovering control freaks like us.


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