Loving Boquete

The last two days have really solidified the feeling that we want to stay here in Boquete.  We have met some great people, Panamanian and expats.  We have walked a lot from the B&B to town and then all over town, exploring.  Getting to town alone is a 30 minute walk down and up hills.  We found out it’s best to wear our sneakers.

Yesterday we ate the best meal we ever had for lunch at a Panamanian place on Central Park.  It was in a covered patio/gazebo type structure on the town square and so we watched the locals as we ate..  We couldn’t see the kitchen and the meal came out in about five minutes.  The meal was $4 and the plate was full of  rice with veggies (yummy seasonings), spaghetti with their version of sauce (we’re not sure what it was, it was red and not globbed on top but mixed in and oh so good), and roasted chicken.  All of it delicious.  In fact, it’s the best meal I’ve had in ages.  People kept directing us to expat places, and that is not what we wanted, we wanted Panamanian flavors!  This was so good, we will go again.   We also slipped some chicken to a mooching mama doggie.  She was too sweet and we couldn’t resist

We checked out clothing stores afterwards, the grocery store, a crystal shop, a bakery, an indigenous craft market, and found out where the fruteria (fruita-rea) is located.  That made us really happy to see that it was right near Central Park.  Fresh fruit, most of us have no idea how good it tastes when it has just left the vine.  A totally different, intense flavor.  On the way back to the house, we made one final stop and checked out a souvenir shop, me not expecting much but higher prices and silly stuff.  They had some of that, but really, it had some interesting wares in there.  Debbie pointed out a beautiful white skirt for me that if I have the extra cash left on the day before we leave, I am buying it.  So cute and just my style.  I want it bad!  They also had some great hammocks in there.  I am considering one for my daughter who has wanted one for years and maybe one for my son, again they are selling for very reasonable prices.

Today we went into town and caught a taxi to “Cowboy Dave’s”.   He rents out cars.  Yeah, he is from the States.  He is a total car/motorcycle guy but very nice and we got a good deal, $30 a day for a very nice car.  We are using it for two days so we can run around a little further out of town.  Traffic here is much easier to navigate than in the city.

After we left the car lot, we headed to a talk by a spiritual teacher we met at the Tuesday Market.  Her teachings which she learned from her “guru” in India were totally in line with Eloheim’s teachings.  She gave them different names, but the concepts were identical.  There were two others there, one man (yay!) who teaches Tai Chi and other disciplines, and another woman our age.  We all sat and talked concepts and shared examples and talked about life in Boquete.  It was great to have that camaraderie.  We shared with them our desire to come back here to live and our issues with it and the teacher offered us a place to stay until we can find a rental place that meets our requirements.  How lovely!  It wasn’t a thought on my mind!

Then we got back in the car, so nice to have our own wheels by the way, and found a bakery opened by an ex-lawyer from the States appropriately named Sugar and Spice.  We ordered sandwiches which were delicious and took home dessert.  I am stuffed!  So much for all the weight we lost while sick!

I love this place.  You hear that Universe?  We want to live here comfortably, make it so!  😀


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