Exploring Boquete

We’re in Boquete, Panama right now, which is an hour’s plane ride from Panama City towards Costa Rica or a 7 hour bus ride.  We took the bus, much more economical though it began to feel very long.  Unlike driving through NY, there weren’t many little towns or even roadside signs to see on the trip.  The bus was very comfortable, a double decker, and we got to sit on the top deck.  Near David the road started going up into the higher elevations, and it got mistier and then rainier.  We drove the last few hours in pouring rain and since it’s rainy season, it wasn’t unexpected.

We landed in David and had to change buses to one that would take us the final leg to Boquete.  This trip took an hour but if we had driven it, probable around thirty minutes.  The bus was an old school bus, one of many from the States, reincarnated to do these journeys between Boquete and David and made a lot of drop offs and pick ups on the way.  Apparently buses leave every half hour or sooner, when the bus gets full, to make the trip between the two towns.  David is much larger than Boquete and a bustling place. Glad we didn’t try to drive this leg.  I am not ready to drive in Panamanian cities yet!  Crazy.

We are staying at a place we found on airbnb in someone’s home who rents out rooms.  She is very helpful and has two dogs we are enjoying loving on.

Boquete feels good to us.  There are many expats from Canada and the US here who have integrated well into the community.  There is even a spiritual community that we could find camaraderie with here.  We met a lot of people at the Tuesday Market yesterday and talked to most of them.

This is a beautiful area up near Volcan Baru:

The Volcán Barú  is an active stratovolcano and the tallest mountain in Panama, at 3,474 metres (11,398 ft) high.  It lies about 35 km off the border of Costa Rica.

Due to its height and Panama’s relatively short width, it is possible to see both the Pacific and Caribbean from Volcán Barú’s peak on a clear day, though this is relatively rare.

We are here exploring until Monday morning when we leave to go back to our apartment in Panama City.  It feels good here, the energy feels good to us.  It is definitely much cooler and I regret not having something a bit warmer for evenings.  Good thing we brought pants with us though!  It feels a bit like April evenings in NY, cool enough to want a sweater when the sun isn’t shining. Quite a change from Panama City and Taboga.  We always have a layer of sweat going on there!  Not something either of us enjoy so this feels quite nice, very low humidity, cooler.  And important to us, there is no snow!

I managed to leave the cord that connects my camera to the computer in order to download pictures back at the apartment so I will have to post them when I go back.

And now it’s time to begin my day.  Hasta luego.


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