Message from Lee Harris and Zapharia:

Firstly let me implode one of the myths that humanity holds within its mental framework around relationships. It is the idea that any relationship you have with another human being must last forever to be of high or higher value than those short relationships you may have. This is not the truth, so let it go. Let that be a part of the release for those of you who have experienced the loss of people in your life; whether that be because they exited this plane or because suddenly the two of you hit a discord, separated and went off in different directions.

The truth of that moment was that it was the truth for both of you. And the reason this can be so difficult as an experience is that when you join your love with another being, you place your investment in your love with them. An energy of love is created between the two of you that you are both feeding from and sharing with each other.

So, when that person suddenly disappears or walks away or you feel you have to walk away from them, it is one of the hardest losses many people feel inside themselves at this time on Earth – particularly those awakened or sensitive beings. You feel the removal of an energy that was in your life that you want back and this can be painful. But understand this, there is no one in your life that you have loved or that has loved you that has not simply sparked something off that was already inside you.

To put this more simply, it is wonderful to believe that another person helped you to find the love and feelings you have inside you.

You collaborated with this person with whom you were in relationship, to experience a growth inside yourself of love; and if this person disappears, the love itself does not disappear from inside you. 

~~Zapharia through Lee Harris, from The Essence of Relationships


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