Being Present

Needless to say, it’s been a rough week this past week.  I am still recovering my energy levels.  This illness hit me quick and hard last week and is slow to leave.  One minute I’m running through the mall, eating pizza, and two hours later, I’m in bed not feeling good. Where is that woman who was so excited for her new computer, she was happy dancing at the mall?!  As I’m recovering, my friend and partner here came down with it, too.  Mine seemed to be centered in my head and throat and hers in her chest.  She is still resting all day since she is three days behind me.  I am up doing stuff now, but not for as long as my mind intends.   The body disagrees with those ideas.

Of course worst case scenarios went through our heads since we are in a foreign country, but we both separately did research and were reassured of what it was not.  Still, we are ready to be DONE with feeling yucky.  Hopefully we can move forward again soon. Perhaps we were being held back on purpose so other things can be ready for us when we are.  Perhaps we just needed some more releasing done and this was the quickest way to do so.  Perhaps we needed to stop looking so far ahead and concentrate on where we are, in the moments we are in.

In any case, the last week has been spent sleeping, drinking and eating a couple of small meals a day.  We have had no choice but to be present in our bodies, as unpleasant as that has been.



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