Down For The Count

Since we moved into our new place 9 days ago, I have experienced many days of pressure and pain in my forehead (which I attributed to the air pressure of the rainy season that has begun here), a day spent running to the toilet (something I ate?), and yesterday I started aching all over and coughing like crazy with more pain and pressure in my head (what the heck?).

I took some ibuprofen and an allergy pill when we got back from the mall last night because I could not stop coughing with all the stuff running down my throat, plus everything from my skin to my glands to my muscles to my head hurting.  I also began to feel hot and then cold -when you need covers on you in this climate, you either have a/c blasting on you, which we don’t, or you might have a fever.

I slept probably 9 hours and woke still exhausted and still hurting.  Did the morning things, slowly, took some ibuprofen, ate a banana, did some EFT and went back to bed.  I just woke up again and feel slightly better but being upright is still not preferable.  Not sure if it was the pills or the sleep or the EFT, but it’s slightly better, hopefully on its way out.  Still extremely tired though, making this bed my best friend today.

It occurred to me and Debbie that this might be some more releasing and adjustments to my body system as I move into the new energies and new life.  I have not been sick like this in probably three years.  I haven’t even had a cold in all that time while I watched everyone else around me get really sick.  I had hoped my vibrations were high enough that I was done with illness for good  Silly me.  My god (I was writing “body”… I’m keeping that typo!), my body, my soul knows what is best for me, and right now it’s this.

I am supremely grateful though that I now have a computer to entertain me!


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