Todos Las Computadoras Hablan Español

My nearly six-year old computer gave up the ghost last Saturday.  It was devastating.  Okay, not devastating, just disorienting.

Now what do I do with my free time?  How do I do searches without the internet?  How do I respond to FB posts or write something here?

Oh the dilemmas….woe is me <slaps back of hand to forehead dramatically>!

Thankfully, my friend would generously and periodically plop her iPad in my direction and let me have my way with it… er… surf the net with it.  Still, a person needs her own computer once she has had one for years.  Sharing is not fun nor easy.

So today, after many hours of walking the mall (and getting lost in said mall), we found one in my price range that actually spoke English.  I never even thought that would be an issue.  It seems that 99% of the computers sold in a Spanish-speaking country actually perform their duties in Spanish.  Go figure.

However, I am finally computer activated again.  In English.  Yippee!

Buenos noches mis amigos.


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