Diablo, Panama

We love our new place.  There’s so much room here.  It’s quiet and no bugs.  It has a good feel to it.  Not really a good photo op place though.  The area is called Diablo:

Diablo Panama is one of several neighborhoods in Panama that were once a part of the American Canal Zone. In Panama, Diablo is referred to as one of the “areas revertedas” or reverted areas which describe the neighborhoods that were once under American control over the Canal.

Diablo is unique in that its location is very close to the city center, yet the surroundings feel more like a tropical rain forest. This is because the neighborhood still has many 100 year-old trees along with lots of wildlife native to Panama.Diablo is located in the former Canal Zone just across the rail road tracks from Albrook where such amenities as the Albrook Mall, Banks, El Rey Supermarket and various other shops, clinics and services are located.

Diablo is a residential area, and also is home of the Diablo Spinning Club with a private ramp to launch boats. There is also the Diablo Point where a public ramp is located for boat launches as well as a number of sheds for boat storage and services.

Couch here is a bit iffy.  I wonder if they ever sit on it?  It’s hard and narrow, made for shorter legs than ours I think.  The internet here has been great, until today.  And we walked to the grocery store yesterday, spent far too much money and ended up taking a two dollar taxi ride home, it was just too much to lug back up the hill home.

This morning we got up early and were puttering around, getting breakfast and such, and the electricity went out.  Thankfully, it’s cooler (high 70’s, low 80’s) so we were not passing out from the heat but it definitely got stuffy and uncomfortable in the six hours+ it was out.

No electric, no internet.  OMG.  WHAT DO WE DO NOW??

Okay, so it wasn’t that bad but after four hours, we were a bit lost.  It’s not like I have my own stuff around me and can find something else to do.  Can’t call anyone either.  Haven’t heard from the realtor since we moved this week so that’s stalled at the moment.  My books are on my kindle (another reason for my love of paperbacks!).  It’s not my house so I can’t rearrange anything.  I would walk to the store which is a fair distance but it’s hot and humid and who knows if they have electricity either?  No crafts available.  I may have to go buy some just for times like this.  (Of course, we hope to soon have other things to keep us busy so I may not even have time for crafts.)

So I organised my room better.  I organised my purse.  I put numbers in my phone.  I figured out some money stuff.  I watched the birds fight at the bird feeder.  I took some laundry down off the line and folded it.

Then I went outside and asked the neighbors if they had electric.  Well, first I said, “do you speak English?”- always our opening line lol.  Just so we know if we have to mangle some Spanish for them.  One did, perfect English.  He said power has not gone out for at least 8 months and it’s usually back on within the hour.  I was asking because if it was a fuse or something, we would need to find out how to fix that.  Not even sure where they are!  Anyways, I asked where he was from and he said, Taiwan.  Very cool.  We meet such an eclectic group of folks who live here.

So then I went back inside and read the dictionary.  The Spanish dictionary.  That was so intriguing I couldn’t keep my eyes open and promptly took a nap.  When I woke and sat up, the power came back on!  Yay!  Electric!  Fans!  Internet!  And I got to make some lunch, something we hadn’t wanted to do due to having to open the fridge.  Not a good idea in this heat.  But yay!  Electric!

Unfortunately, since the power came on, the internet has been sucky for the last three hours.  Off and on, off and on.  Makes it difficult to navigate since you get a lot of “cannot display the page” notices.  Oh well, at least we have fans! And electric!!


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