The Next Step – Almost Uncontrollable Urges

channeled by Brenda Hoffman, May 13, 2014

Dear Ones,

Much happened the past few days. Those of you at the forefront have advanced, if you will, to new places. And those of you newly awakened have reviewed many pieces within your being you wish to adjust or shift. But there is much yet to be discovered by all.

For those at the forefront, what does your new path look and feel like? You will feel joy when you discover your path. But such is just a portion of your detection processes.

The process we wish to discuss lies deep within you. It is a direction you cannot resist. Perhaps those of you who crave sugar or smoke cigarettes understand. You are drawn to the item, subject or area with almost an uncontrollable urge. You think and dream about it whatever it is – if you do not allow yourself to explore it. You may even feel guilty (3D memories) when you do indulge.

So it is that your path is not only fed by joy, but also an almost uncontrollable urge.

The last comment may make some of you nervous. For it indicates you cannot help yourself, that you will do something harmful to your being or society. Such is not the case. Your soon-to-be uncontrollable urge is merely a direct path to your inner-being – and the role you selected before entering earth in this life time.

Perhaps you do not understand for you remain in your joy arena. Such is completely appropriate. We are merely indicating what your next path step is.

For even though joy is a wonderful indicator, an urge almost beyond your outer-directed control is much easier to discover and claim. An urge that cannot be addressed until you reach a certain point within your new being.

For indeed, many of you reading this message are fearful you will do or create something ‘wrong’.

Even though such is not the case, you are so familiar with outer-directed rules and policies you remain fearful of trusting your being.

You have cleared almost all your fears and many of your 3D beliefs, but the belief you are not powerful or wise enough to direct yourself remains hidden in the recesses of your being.

The next few days will release those beliefs and fears.

You will discover the need to follow your inner-being/heart is stronger than your fear of dong something incorrectly.

A 3D example is resigning from a job that makes you miserable even though friends and family are horrified you left a good paying job without another job in your immediate future.

Such will be your urges – only stronger and deeper. Allow yourself to follow those urges. You will not harm yourself or others by doing so. And as you do, you will feel lighter – and yes, a great deal of joy. So be it. Amen


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