To all those who mother

Many mothers do not celebrate themselves – they believe they do not have time. They simply want to do the very best they can and only the best is good enough. Those of you mothering young children now, you would do yourselves well to congratulate yourself for what you have done. To be a mother is the most extraordinary achievement, an extraordinary lesson and learning.

I am not just speaking here to those of you who are physical mothers. Many of you are mothers to those in your world. Even without having a physical child, your mothering energy is that which promotes growth and love, which supports and nurtures.

Those of you who are not physical mothers but feel you are what we would term Earth mothers – the mothers of those around you who have a strong nurturing energy to give – honor that part of yourself. For love in all of its forms is the highest energy there is on Earth. If you have been capable of giving of your love, your nurture, even if it was just momentary, honor that. Do not judge yourself for the times you could not give it. That way of thinking is a circle and also a dead end. Honor the times you gave of your ability to love and to nurture those around you. ~~Ziadora through Lee Harris, from Mother Freedom


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