Persistance and Discernment is Crucial

A year and one month ago I had a dream about being in Panama.  I was sure I had posted it here but couldn’t find it after we ran across it today in an email I had sent to Debbie back then.  So I am posting it now (or again) : 

Let me tell you about the dream I had last night.  My dreams are always full of messages.  We were in Panama at our new place on a mountain.  I don’t know where you (Debbie) were, but MF was tired and had gone to bed in another building.  I stayed up alone and up the path came a man carrying a plate loaded with Panamanian goodies.  He knocked and I hesitated opening the door, thought boy, I don’t know him, but I opened it anyways.  He gave me the plate, welcomed me and then proceeded to tell me, You shouldn’t open the door to just anyone.  Even though you feel safe here, you need to be aware that there is danger here as well.

So I emailed Lisa Gawlas to ask her for her take on this dream.  And to say, per her blog today, I was having a bit of “buyer’s remorse”, that my mind was throwing up all kinds of objections, but if this is supposed to happen, it will, somehow.  Here is her answer:

I agree, it will work, just stay persistent and focused!!  All of ya!!  Especially with your Panamanian dream guide…you already have one!!  THAT tells you something.  How wonderful he brought you some goodies and a very wonderful message too.  It is too easy to trust those who would take advantage of you, no matter where you are.  He is just telling you, yes this place is wonderful, but not everyone is as they seem.  Discernment is crucial no matter where you are!!

Now this whole thing is speaking to me loudly at this point in time.  First, we have been told recently in a reading by Lisa that she saw me riding a horse in the mountains after we spoke about this project of ours.  We have been focusing on a water view with the mountains running a close second.  Now twice in one week, we get the message to look in the mountains. 

The second part about not being aware of people trying to pull the wool over our eyes, well, that message has been reinforced in several ways this past week.  I won’t go into detail but discernment is crucial just like at home.

We had our meeting and looked at an apartment today.  Neither was what we wanted.  Loved the realtor, hated the place, and the information we received was rather like a pin in a balloon.  Needless to say, we were disappointed but we shall persevere.  We gave ourselves a few minutes to pout then moved on.

Time to check out mountain areas and find a temporary place to rent outside the city.

I totally forgot I have a Panamanian dream guide.  Must go see what else he has to tell me….there was a reason Debbie found that old email today.


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  1. Sorry about your bumps in the road (frankly, it’s been that sort of week), but overall my reaction is “What fun!” because I can’t wait to hear about everything that shows up around the corners and from beneath stones you turn over. I’d love to see pictures of these mountains!


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