The Universe Says “Yes” to You

As we continue this journey here in Panama and we bump into obstacles or have to wait or go around them, I can get impatient and lose my focus.  This is a much slower start than I thought it would be.  So I begin to wonder, how in hell I am going to make this happen?  Obviously, that’s not a thought path that is helpful in any way, shape or form.  Thankfully, I have partners who bring me back to center when I start getting off course. 

With their help, I am reminded to change the direction of my thoughts and to stop focusing on the hows and whys.  I just need to remember to focus on the steps right in front of me, keeping my heart’s desires first and foremost and to continue to believe in the manifestation of my dreams.  It’s not necessary for me, the human, to know the hows and whens of it all.  That’s a real challenge for someone who is a recovering control addict like myself.  I am reminded daily in many ways that the Universe has my best interests in their sights, knows what I want and intend, and will give me what I most desire if I continue to maintain my positive focus in that direction.  In fact, my soul guided me here for a reason.  It certainly was never on my conscious radar to end up here in this geographical location.  Now to achieve my dreams, it’s imperative that I continually make a conscious choice to focus on what my heart and mind wants, not what I fear.  Fears are not my friend. 

So I stop, take a deep breath and start over.   And with my mind’s eye, I can actually can see my heart’s dream in glorious detail.   That’s my focus. 

The Universe is always giving us what we want.  Unfortunately, many of our wants are side tracked by our unconscious belief system (aka b.s.).  We don’t even realise that we have these beliefs and they sabotage our conscious desires.  We may think we want something or are choosing something important to us, but the fact is, underneath, we don’t really believe we will get it.  Our conflicting beliefs and thoughts cancel those very things out.  And then we wonder why we don’t ever get what we want.

The following is a great reminder for all of us from Louise Hay:


The Universe Says Yes to You

One of my friends recently gave me a very large round piece of wood. It fit perfectly on my kitchen table. I decided to paint it and place objects on it that I find very meaningful. It represents my Universe.

I believe we live in a “Yes” Universe. No matter what we choose to believe or think or say, the Universe always says “yes” to us. If we think poverty, the Universe says “yes” to that. If we think prosperity, the Universe says “yes” to that. It’s up to us.

What does your Universe look like? What color would you paint it? What meaningful objects would you include in it?

The Universe wants us to experience anything we desire. So let’s say “yes” to all good. Be a “Yes” person, living in a “Yes” world being responded to by a “Yes” Universe.

All people deserve happy, fulfilling lives. Like most people, I used to believe that I deserved only a little bit of good. Few people believe they deserve ALL GOOD. Do not limit your good.

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that the good in life can only be had if you eat your spinach, clean your room, comb your hair, don’t make noise and so on. Although these may be important things to learn, they have nothing to do with inner self-worth. We need to know that we’re already good enough, and that without changing anything at all, we deserve a wonderful life.

Let’s affirm: I open my arms wide and declare with love that I serve and accept ALL GOOD.


Louise Hay


4 responses

    • Not sure what you mean here, but for me, I don’t expect people who are closed to new perspectives to listen. That’s not my job nor enjoyable. When a person is ready and receptive, they go looking, or the teacher shows up for them. I don’t bang my head on concrete doors, hoping someone will let me in lol. I love them and let them be who they are, it works for them or they wouldn’t still be there. Their choice is theirs as mine is mine.

      My favorite channeled message through an old friend is, “The destination is the same for all, the path is all that differs.”


  1. Due to having Autims and people not understanding it I’ve had to learn thru the school of hard knocks the lessons of this blog. I’ve noticed when I am upset the actions get mirrored to me and I’ve noticed the energy effects others but I always assumed it was them just trying to start fights to the point I want to go out and punch people’s lights out.l

    I’ve had to go thru anger management or I would hurt somebody really bad and I’ve realized this is the problem but I still am unsure how to proceed since I know that my own internal energy can leak onto others but I don’t want to thru any weird witchcraft stuff as my parents are hard Christians and you know how Christians are too anything they deem as ‘outsiders’ type thing.


    • I am not an expert by an means on being autistic though I have done some research on it. My nephew has Aspergers. I can give you a very short perspective based on my personal understandings. Those who follow a spiritual path like myself tend to look at this way of being labelled “autism” differently than conventional “experts” do. People on the autistic spectrum are extremely sensitive to all the energies around them. Everything that exists is energy. Energy vibrates at different speeds, depending on the density. So, being so sensitive to all energy, all vibrations, autistics pick up on everything! This causes an overload as the body and the mind attempt to process the energy that is flooding the human system. The body desperately wants to reject the overload, thus the lashing out physically. The mind doesn’t know what to do either. It’s just too much to handle. So maybe walk away from the situation and give your system a way to release the energy that is not harmful to yourself or another.

      I don’t know the answer for you but you have begun to look for the path and that’s a huge kudo to you for doing that. Bravo! You are beginning to walk a conscious path, which is not witchcraft, it’s called self-exploration, self-empowerment, and evolving. No one else can do this for you because this is your life, based on your choices. You are not a victim of your way of processing nor of anyone else. You are a chooser. Good for you for choosing to make changes and to look for a different perspective.

      As for your family, I don’t share my beliefs with my family either, as is very common with those of us on this path, they would think I’m bonkers. I just know I don’t need to be regulated by man-made, rigid rules (ie most religions these days) to communicate with Source or to live as a loving, giving, compassionate person. You will find the path that feels right for you.

      There’s a saying that I love and blew me away the first time I heard it many years ago…”When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Remember, when you are ready for your next step, the one appropriate for you and that step will show up. And you will likely be surprised at who the teacher is because he/she won’t be the kind of “teacher” you are imagining. Everyone is a teacher and a student their whole life. You have been a teacher for me right here!

      Blessings to you and thank you for reaching out. I wish you the best.

      ❤ Dorothy/heartlightdg


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