Unspoken Things

Unspoken Things

The things that I have wanted to say

have haunted me for years.

It seemed that I could never find a way

to tell you, about the things that troubled me

without quivering lips and facial sliding tears.

Never wanting to appear weak

I simply chose silence

never to speak of the things in my cupboard,

not even a peek, and I have wanted you

to see and accept the real me.

What a conundrum !

This woman that appears strong – when needed

is sometimes a farce, a smiling persona, you see.

When at times, I want to fall into your arms

to stop the bleeding of my gentle heart

so I go away until I can smile again and appear free to be.

One day I realized what a lie, I have told.

Either you love me as I am or not

sometimes as weak as a kitten, sometimes bold.

Tossing caution to the wind,

I told you my truth and you loved me anyway.

I was so surprised

to open a skeleton free mouth

death mask, daisies and rocks removed

from my eyes, you peered deeply

with understanding and love,

I was freely doused.

(c) Janet P. Caldwell April 28th, 2014

Video: Brave – Sara Bareilles (Lyrics) No copyright Infringement Intended


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