The Energies of May 2014

The Energies of May 2014 If you have gotten through April and are still standing and breathing, congratulations. Now that we have made our way through those energies (and they were very powerful), we get a chance to align with and implement them, starting in May. The process of transformation is never completed in a single step, it is a journey of release, receiving, alignment, and integration. We release the old to make room for something new, we shift our attention as we create new intentions, we integrate new energies when the old no longer serve us, and this is a continuous spiral of evolution and ascension. If we thought that once April was over things would get back to normal, we’re partly there. But the journey has taken a big detour and the status quo no longer applies. Everything has been stirred up, now we need to decide where it all fits.

April was a very high energy month and in May we can initiate the practical application of those energies. To look at this another way, if what happened in April caused you to clean out your emotional, psychic, and spiritual closet, then in May you get to put everything back into the closet, minus those things you now know you can live without, no longer want, or no longer need. What are those things? Anything that doesn’t serve your intention for your life in this moment. Anything that is no longer in alignment with your vision for yourself, your next steps, and your future in the context of what you now want. Anything that does not give to you or that takes from you. Anything that makes you sad, unhappy, feel powerless, or unfulfilled. In May we look at life from the perspective of value.

The April 29 eclipse, in Taurus, adds a new element to the shakeup that we had in April. Before we rush in and start putting our lives back together again, it’s time to do a value review. So often we think of value as a measure of what others think about us — if they like us then we feel valuable and valued, and if they don’t then we think we’re broken or wrong. We judge ourselves based on how others receive and perceive us and whether they value what we offer to them. But value is such a subjective thing because we value things that are meaningful to us. For example, if you have listened to the Enlightening Life radio show, I often use camping as an example of value. I don’t like camping and wouldn’t go on a camping trip if someone asked me to, no matter how wonderful they thought it was because I don’t value camping. It doesn’t have a place in my value system. A nice vacation to the beach or the mountains, staying in a nice hotel, and eating at nice restaurants all have value to me — sleeping in a tent does not. What do you value? What do value and valuable mean to you?

Value goes beyond what is important to you, it describes what has meaning in your life or, what you give meaning to. Do you value love, peace, and joy? Do you value being respected and honored by the people in your life? Do you value doing meaningful work that you love, or living in a place where you have the support of and community with energetically-minded people? If you have not thought about those things in a long time or, if you have put them to the side because you do not feel you can or deserve to have this kind of value in your life, May will bring those issues up for you.

You can’t demand that others value you, but you can begin by valuing yourself, which will set the energy for attracting everything that corresponds to your level of self value. This may mean that the people and situations who cannot value you will step out of your life. It also means that the things that can align with your value will step in. Remember the revolving door article (you can read it here), what goes out makes room for what is coming in and, if we use our intention in powerful ways, that process can be seamless.

On another note, you may feel a little stuck in May (or continue to feel stuck if that is how you have been feeling for the past few months) because while Mars goes direct (finally!), it also stays close to the degree of the eclipse for most of the month. Its angle to the eclipse is called an inconjunct (150 degrees) which, if you took the Astrology Basics class, you know is an uncomfortable angle, like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Something has to shift in order for the peg to fit, we need to use a different peg or find a different hole. This is all part of the ongoing process of transformation that we have been in for several years now and which shifts in May, to creating the foundation for your value system. When it feels like the energy is moving in your life again, completely unencumbered, which may happen in June or July, you will have established your self value and be ready to align with and integrate people and situations that reflect your new value foundation back to you.

Does it feel like every time you turn around something else comes up? Are you hoping for the ‘all clear’ signal so you can sit back and take it easy? Do you miss the ‘good old days’ when we all lived in blissful ignorance of these things and life was more predictable? It wasn’t really predictable, it was just comfortable, and was a ‘known’ quantity. We were on the destiny path, where everything was laid out for us according to our karma, and we had far fewer options. Now we’re on the path of creation, and while destiny and karma are one path, there are many others that we can choose to take.  That is, if we are willing to step out of our comfort zone and into our discomfort zone and are ready to value ourselves enough to believe that we are worthy of wonderful value and valuable experiences.

Because while the options are available, we still have to choose them. To make it easier to decide, our comfort zone becomes very uncomfortable as our soul urges us to transform and then, when we finally decide to break free, we step into the unknown territory of creation, with its unlimited potential. This is the new paradigm we have come here to give birth to, our mission and purpose for this lifetime, and the legacy that we will leave for future generations. Rather than hoping the ‘good old days’ will return (because they won’t and we really don’t want them to return), let’s instead focus on the peace, love, abundance, and joy that we have the power to create now. What can you do each do to be the full expression of the Source light that you are? That’s your gift to yourself, to Source, to humanity and to the Universe. See yourself as worthy, valuable, valued and having value and you will know exactly what to do with the energies of May.    

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