Let Go Of The Mind Now

It is time to recognize that you need not mentally assess what is taking place for you on a daily basis. You can let go of the mind now. And when your emotions are in flux or you are confused about depression, doubt or fear – just allow. This is the heart doing the work it needs to do. This is the heart filtering out anything unhelpful for your next stage. Allow the heart to do its work, without judgment or fear of yourself and without confusion as to your world.Your world is your world; the way you are feeling is your world. Your world is not the business you work for, the relationship you are having nor the home you live in. These are all parts of your world, but they are also extensions of the energy of your heart. So put your feelings first, not second, to outer reflections such as these. For your feelings, your energy, your heart energy, create your reality. Honor that, and on the days where you cannot manage in the world, allow yourself not to manage.
~~Zachary through Lee, from Ask the Heart (For It Knows Everything)


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