Honor The Fear

We honor you for the road you are all walking. You are creating new roads on Earth, not just for yourselves but for everyone – freedom roads. And if there is hesitation or fear in you, do not judge it – honor the fear, be good to the fear, love the fear. The fear is a part of you. If you do this, the fear will disappear. If you fear the fear, push it away, become competitive or try to control because of the fear, the downward spiral begins. Fear exists. It is that simple.

Recognize this kaleidoscope, this spectrum that you are – this whole world within. You are at the very center of it leading the way beautifully; whatever your mind may sometimes tell you, however difficult the day may be. Sometimes the difficult lessons are the fastest pathways to the evolution of your life, experience, love, soul, humanity.

~~Zachary through Lee, from The Energy of Competition

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