Let The Body Breathe

It is a very delicate process, enlightening the body. The body is slow. The human body is slow. The energy body is fast. The human body is slow and delicate. So as the energy body expands, the human body needs to creak a little, stop you, slow you down. The thing is so many of you are accessing spiritual energy at a higher level than before that you forget you are human now and you try and run like this Usain Bolt. But he is a miracle of humanity, and you are a miracle of humanity in your field, your ability. But the body will stop you if you try and run at that speed, because the spiritual energy is coming through.

You need to let the bodies breathe. You need, in the moment when you are being self-judgmental, to turn that sentence into, “Ah, I needed to regress. I needed to see something that I didn’t quite fully integrate before,” because when you start feeling more, it is not that you regress. It is that you go back in time and clean up.
~~Zachary through Lee, from Opening Beyond Fear

Clean up on Aisle 5!  😀

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