You Have A New Physical Skill Set

Unexpectedly, I began to feel a humming in my root chakra area yesterday.  It’s still there, a low-grade hum that rises and falls in my lower belly, pubic area.  I can’t put my hand on it or feel it from the outside, yet the sensation is very strong and rhythmic inside.  It’s funny because I remember having this happen last summer in a much louder, stronger feeling fashion, starting first in my stomach area, and then edging lower.  Now, after talking about it with someone this past weekend who has this going on herself, I noticed it all of sudden again yesterday when I wasn’t even thinking about the subject.  It’s still with me.  Interesting phenomenon.

We do wonder what exactly is going on with this vibration, though I do feel it involves a physical upgrade or a rewiring of some sort.  And, bonus (albeit a painful one), I have had such pressure in my forehead for several days, it’s been uncomfortable and difficult to focus.  A rewire perhaps of that area, too?  Getting a work out on both ends, I guess.

It will be fun to see if some of what the following message talks about occurs as a result.  I have no idea where I will end up with my own skill set (see below), I only know I am open to it. 


Dear Ones,

You are likely experiencing new thoughts and sensations. Not all of you will feel or sense the same, but know that you are accessing more information than was true just a few days ago.

Some of you will sense colors within colors or music within music. Others will know more. Others will feel as if they are floating away and yet remain of earth. And still others will hear things of earth not noticeable before.

As your physical being shifts or adds skill sets, you might experience headaches, sleep pattern shifts or the need to rest.

This last energy burst was directed to your physical being. The last piece in the puzzle of the new you. Perhaps you remember past channels in which we outlined that your new being progression was to shift your spiritual being, then emotional and finally your physical being.

So it happened that advance Lightworkers’ physical being shifted dramatically the past few days.

Those just awakening are sifting their way through their spiritual being. Hence their new-found interest in reincarnation, tarot, astrology, channeling, religious teachings or any information that speaks to their spiritual being.

You, however, are discovering new skills within your physical being. A bit like the comic book character Superman and his x-ray vision. For as you access your new physical skills, you will note your being changing in ways perhaps not yet addressed in new earth materials.

You are combining your physical, emotional and spiritual skills to create the path correct for you. So it is that your skill set is complete – for now at least.

You continue to be part of the whole, of the One. But your cells are dividing into the unique entity that is you – the you declared by you before entering earth in this lifetime. Prior to this past energy burst, you were a mass of cells little different from the other mass of cells that are part of the One.

You can no longer compare yourself to others in any way including jealousy, embarrassment or whatever emotion you used in the past to tell yourself that others were more skilled or better than you.

You are a unique individual now. Some of you will planet hop. Others will integrate your skills with other beings to create a new whole. Or other activities of which you are not yet aware.

This is where the rapidly moving river branches into tributaries – each with its own beauty and task.

At some point, the tributaries will again join the whole. But not now. Now is the time to claim your role through your new physical senses.

There is no need to consult others to determine if you are right for they know less about your path than you.

Some of you claim you have no idea what to do with your new skills. It is time for you to listen to your inner-being. For your inner-being is your guru, your teacher.

You may feel a bit disjointed at first, but all will fall into place once you trust yourself enough to follow your joy.

Many of you will note your new skills and feel that you owe it to the Universes to immediately jump into your new capabilities. Such is not true. Allow your inner-being to direct you in the way best for you and the Universes. Maybe part of your new skill set is to read a fun book or see a movie.

Now you are thinking that having fun is a waste of time. That you need to immediately claim your skills and work at whatever is your role. Such is a 3D thought. Perhaps your body needs to adjust a bit before you start testing your new skills. Perhaps by jumping into something out of guilt or shoulds, your skill set is lost for a bit.

There are no shoulds. Your inner-being might direct you to play for a few days or even weeks. Or to test your skills immediately. It does not matter for you will perform as you wish and planned before entering earth in this life.

Part of the joy of this life is the ability to direct your life within the broad framework of new earth. All you ever need to remember is that if something is joyful, it is right for you. Allow yourselves the freedom to be – now more than ever. For indeed, you are new beings in a new place. So be it. Amen.

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2 responses

  1. So glad you found your way here, Nicola. You feel familiar somehow. I see a lot of me in you and I love the fact that you’re commenting. You seem to have a similar writing style, too. 🙂
    Playing small has been my style for years. I didn’t realise it though until the last decade. It’s a difficult habit to overcome but the more we remember, the better we do. Thank god for all the spiritual teachers and mentors that appeared in my life! One by one, they have made all the difference in penetrating the thick cloud of doubts and negative self talk I carried around for years. (I have a visual of a cloud of gnats swarming around me.)
    Currently I find myself in the process of cleaning out the stubborn debris left in the corners by that same cloud.
    My new project and new home will push me out of my comfort zone of smallness, we shall see how that goes. And I can’t wait to see what grows in me as I go along.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!


  2. How spot on! This afternoon I had a sleep and my whole being had a stillness to it while I slept that I don’t think I have ever experienced before. I was asleep yet I was conscious and awake.

    I found your wonderful blog yesterday … I do love serendipity even though I know that I am the creator so to speak, so what comes to me arises from my thoughts.

    However I came to your site as I found a platypus in my dream and the message to me was that it was time to own my uniqueness – to shine as a spark of God. My uniqueness is not a sword or a shield – it is a gift from God to bring into the world and to create with. I have to profess I fall far short of this … and done a good job of playing small, small, small my whole life. However I have grabbed the bull by the horns to face into the shadows of my mind curious with what is there – unseen and running my life.

    And the more I do that, my heart opens more and more to the truth that all I am is love. Love that heals and holds all – that forgives everything and everyone. Love that makes me realise that I am whole and complete – just journeying on my way home.

    And so as I face into the physical aches and pains that are getting thrown up in my body – it seems too that they are saying farewell for there is no more room at the inn for them. As the mind becomes purified, so too does the body. And at some point there is an upgrade or activation within the DNA of new human possibilities. We are awakening in new bodies on the new earth.

    Love and light



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