Solar Flare~Energy Shift

April starts off with a bang

There was an X1 Solar Flare today that felt like a very short, sharp burst of energy triggering a big inner shift, seemingly out of nowhere. You may have felt an intense burst of emotion, gained clear insight into something, or had someone project their issues onto you which pressed an old wound allowing you the opportunity to experience healing around it.

For those who are sensitive to flares as soon as they happen (even though they don’t hit our Earth’s field until days later), you may have felt ultra-sensitive to this one as it caused something called a ‘magnetic crochet’ which according to Space Weather causes a ripple in Earth’s magnetic field immediately. So for those energetically sensitive, it’s like a double whammy feeling both the flare and the magnetic field hit at the same time. Of course, we don’t often realise it’s a flare, but then suddenly it occurs to us to check a site like Space Weather, and sure enough, there it is.

According to SW “Unlike geomagnetic disturbances that arrive with CMEs days after a flare, a magnetic crochet occurs while the flare is in progress. They tend to occur during fast impulsive flares like this one.”

We are still a couple of days away from the start of April, but the words coming to me are “April is starting off with a bang” and for many of you the April energies may have been coming for a week or so now (What is time anymore anyway?) It feels like a big game of chess is occurring on the global level, and even if we don’t know what’s exactly happening our energy KNOWS, and our energy is experiencing it as holding our breath in anticipation, wondering what the next move will be.

Aside from the power play chess game going on, there is also our soul plan chess game going on, where we are being picked up and out from one old situation/belief/issue after another, and are being dropped into new situations/directions or into good old fashioned voids where we don’t really know where we are!

If you think of it all as a lot of electricity buzzing around re-wiring things (soul plan chess game), and attempting to electrocute things (power play chess game), you’ll see how grounding yourself is one of the best things you can do right now to stay centred, calm and sane. Do what works best for you: walking, dancing, gardening, cooking, playing with your kids or nieces/nephews, swimming, resting more or taking deep breaths.

How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Reading this helped clarify for me what went down yesterday.  It was intense.  I am ” being picked up and out from one old situation/belief/issue after another, and are being dropped into new situations/directions or into good old fashioned voids where we don’t really know where we are!”  In the process, well, old emotions come up.  Thanks so much for illuminating this one, solar flare!

An old issue of mine came up for review, giving me an opportunity to revisit it and see how much healing had occurred.  Not as much as I had previously believed.  Still some dirt left in that wound apparently, but slowly, I’m working it out.  It was a bit of a rough patch that I allowed to create upset and doubt in me, and I really had to follow my inner trail of emotions to find clarity.

These triggers are sneaky.  They come from behind and bite you in the butt like a dog.  I didn’t realise what was happening at first and was knocked off-balance for a while.  I was creating something out of my own fear by trying to avoid consequences.

I also recognised the continual temptation of mine to fall into someone else’s energy and triggers.  Double whammy!  l have to resist that easy ability I have to step into another’s energy and then the need to make them feel comfortable or happy first, perhaps instead of myself.  My tendency is to want to make sure everyone else is taken care of before I am.  I see things from their viewpoint and it dampens my own desires, making me doubt myself if they’re not happy.

I am looking for validation based on their reactions.  This takes me out of my own energy and into theirs.  Not a healthy boundary nor necessary.

In truth, I may love them, but I am not responsible for them or their reactions.  As long as I have not created out of maliciousness or carelessness, I can let go of the need to make it better.  Their comfort is their responsibility.  But I am thankful to have been made aware of what I was doing.  Thanks Sun for that energy burst of awareness.

Oh, what a challenge it is to embrace this wholeheartedly.   Clarity is not always enjoyable.  Every month seems to get more and more challenging as I grow my spiritual self.  It takes constant vigilance and staying present to be who I AM and not who I have been programmed to be.   I always say, I’m a work in progress, and as Abraham says, “You’ll never get it done.”

Hang in there, folks.


2 responses

  1. I’ve been there in that situation of being totally blindsided by another’s energy/response, and the trigger in me is so instantaneous that I’m crumbling before I can choose my reaction. It’s a real challenge.
    Later I saw how it was just another chance to clear out that old in me, learn, and move myself to the next rung.
    I found a printout of this
    in a pile of papers this weekend. Though it’s from 2009, it is still timely. It was a nice reminder/kick for me. Maybe you can find some value in it. Happy end of March!


    • Thanks Cheryl. I appreciate any and all suggestions! Sometimes this life is sooo challenging, and all it takes is one simple statement from one message or person for me to “get” it or “get over it”.


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