I Did It.

I gave notice today.  With shaking voice and stomach all wonky, I took another step towards my dream.  My boss was fantastic, (who knew) and was so excited for me.  Wow.  Everyone has been incredibly encouraging about my life changing endeavor.  I’m still scared sxxxless but the mere thought of spending another year of my life regimented and cold and bored is beyond me.  All I’m doing is getting older, cranky and moldy.  So off I go.

Plane takes off April 14.  Go, me?   Where are my pom poms?


6 responses

  1. Congratulations! Does this mean you have fingerprints and all the other papers too? I’m scared s***less, too. I’m leaving my cold, bored, rigid existence in 2 days to be with the Help Exchange person in NJ for what might be a short diversion, or the beginning of my new life. I have NO clue what’s at the other end of this train ride, and I’m going with 70 cents in my pocket. I guess April is “jump off the cliff into the net” month! HOORAY!


    • Fingerprints are done and sent in, but I’m leaving without them coming back. I have made arrangements to have them sent onto me. I will buy a return ticket so I can come back for a visit in few months and pick up more stuff, as well as get my cat. Ticket is not bought yet though nor is the major discussion I need to have done. NOT looking forward to that. If I could avoid it, I would! Yup, wuss, I admit it. 🙂

      How exciting for you! You can’t have change without change, eh? One step at a time and see maybe if this is just to get you in place for your next opportunity. Meanwhile, enjoy the change! How brave to go with no money. Not sure I would be that brave….so, go you! I’m cheering you on as you jump off that cliff, wow! Your team has your back for sure, holding that net.

      April, here we come.


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