Something to ponder here….


If you want to do what you love you have to have consistency. Consistency means doing it anyway when it’s not convenient, and when you don’t feel like it.

The times where we don’t want to do something that we have previously decided we did are alchemical times. In these moments our past self conflicts with the future self that we are trying to create. These experiences are difficult because we are feeling the conflicting pulse of overriding patterns.

The habits that used to govern us are coming forward to be fully released by choosing and acting better for ourselves. The very nature of their purpose in our lives is to challenge us into being strong enough to actually embody our dreams.

When we crumble and give into resistance, thinking that it’s bigger than us, we fall into the shadow of our dream. We leave it to wait for us. Time passes and moments that could be full of joy and expansion distort into boredom and frustration.

What really determines whether a project will take off or not is what you do when you don’t feel like it. Its how we behave when it’s “not convenient”, the “environment just doesn’t feel right” and when we “don’t have time.”

Expect it to feel weird and uncomfortable, know that you will need to consciously override habits and paradigms that have been fed into for a long time. Know that it is within the conflicting days, the times where the last thing we want to do is what we promised ourselves we would, that true change is forged within us. Those are the times where we confirm what we want and quantum leap into a higher version of ourself.

If nothing is changing in your life it may be time to ask yourself if you are consistent. Are you giving in when you should be digging in? Are you checking out when you should be becoming more aware? We have to show consistency first and foremost, especially when we don’t want to, before the cosmos will echo it back to us.

~ Gigi Young



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