Always Enough

Sharing another message from the Angels through Ann Albers.  I used to read these all the time and kind of forgot about them at some point as I pursued other things.  However, I was there a few days ago as I deleting sites from my favorites list that I never visit anymore, and I found myself really resonating with their messages again.  This one, whew.  Hit home.


Always enough…

There is more than enough time dear ones, to do all that is important to your soul. There is more than enough energy, money, and resources for each and every one of you to live a happy and beautifully expressed life. However it is such a dis-ease in the human condition to focus upon dis-ease and such a misunderstanding of God’s love to focus upon, and therefore create, lack.

 When you get up in the morning, tell God and your angels what you want help with each day. Give us your “to-do” list and let us assist with your list! Stop worrying about whether you have the time, the money, the resources, the energy, etc. If what you hope to accomplish is a desire planted by God within your beautiful heart, then dear ones, God will support is manifestation.

If however, you find you are not getting what you want at the moment, stop. Breathe. Tantrums, while so very human, do not serve your greater joy. Giving up and guaranteeing disappointment does not serve your joy. Instead faith serves your joy. Trust. Believe that your creator wants more for you than you would even dream to ask.

Say you want some money to pay a bill and the money does not come. You find yourself having to swallow your pride, to ask someone else for assistance. You find this distasteful until you understand you are asking God for assistance through the other. And if the other person is listening to their guidance and their heart, they will give you an honest “yes” or an honest “no.” If they are not listening honestly, then they will learn a lesson in listening.

If each one of you simply proceeded with life, as guided in each moment, there would be a beautiful divine dance between all of humanity, much like the divine dance between healthy cells in the human body. There would be recognition that serving self serves others, and serving others serves self. There would be an understanding that a “yes” is no better than a “no” as long as both are honest.

So before you sink into focusing on lack, remember you are connected now and forevermore to the source of ALL abundance, all well-being, all answers, indeed… all-that-is. Put your faith there dear ones. God loves you. We love you. There is plenty for all of you and for all you could ever dream of imagine.


4 responses

  1. Thanks for this. The 4th paragraph is for me. I have such trouble accepting that my abundance often comes in ‘distasteful’ ways. Pride and guilt are definitely issues I have to deal with.


    • Yes, it was an eye opener for me to understand that other people are part of the story, that we don’t have to rely totally on ourselves, we can ask others for help.
      I admit I had a tantrum a couple of weeks ago and then gave up for awhile. This one gave me a push to get going again.
      For example, Monday morning when I got up, I asked my team of guides and angels to clear a portion of my oh-so-busy schedule so I could go redo my fingerprints. I figured the only time that would happen would be in the middle of the day and I didn’t know how I would manage it. Instead by 11 am, they had rearranged things and cleared out two hours of my day at the end so I was able to take two hours off without any hassle! And I didn’t have to come back. It was AWESOME quick manifesting!! So glad I asked! I now recognise that they work through other people to make things happen for me and I am so grateful.


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