My Answers

1. What do I want to experience out of life before I die?

I want to learn to dance and feel good doing it.  I want to live near the ocean and in a warm climate.  I want to dive with dolphins and other sea creatures and be eye to eye with the whales.  I want to be telepathic with animals.  I want to see every bit of this planet that I can manage to get to.  I want to see kindness and compassion be the norm for this world and for war and killing to stop.  I want Gaia to be clean and for humans to allow free sources of energy to be developed and used.  I want to experience a true soul connection with someone here on Earth.  I want to connect with spirit, easily, all the time, and to translate messages for the good of all.

2. How do I want to grow?

I want to be comfortable in and with my body and my emotions, ie no longer self-conscious in front of others.  I want to experience them as a source of joy instead of wanting to hide myself.  I want my mind to stop telling me what to do and my heart to lead.  I want to love unconditionally instead of reservedly which means I let my guard and defenses dissolve into nothing.  I want to be passionately excited to do something, anything.

3. What/How do I want to contribute?

By showing/teaching people that we are allowed, and it is preferable, to love and be kind to yourself first.  Only from there, from our own full well, can we be of service to anyone else.

4. What is my number one priority in my life?

Filling my life with Love.  And kindness.  And compassion.  For myself first.  After 50-some years of pleasing and taking care of everyone else, when I am full, then I can pass it on.

5. What would you do differently if you knew there would be no consequences (Ie. No one would judge you)?

I would quit my job immediately and leave, maybe for Europe or Australia so I could explore.  I would be perfectly open with my feelings instead of refraining or doling them out in the bits that others can handle.

6. What are my top ten needs?

Self-love.  Perfect health.  Sunshine.  Water.  Animal companionship.  To feel supported unconditionally.  Financial freedom.  To be able to give from my abundance to help someone else.  Coffee!  A home in which to love and feel good (I first wrote “to feel god in” – yes, that especially).

7. How am I living fully?

Deciding to leave an unsatisfactory life/relationship and making plans.  Travelling when I have the opportunity.  Discovering who I am and living from that expression as best I can each day without judging myself or allowing others’ opinions to be my opinion.

8. How am I not living fully?

Procrastination is my big beast.  Also not speaking my truth.

9. How am I loving fully?

Loving my children and grandchildren unconditionally.  Discovering that I am loveable, too, no matter what and putting that into practice.  Loving my animals.  Seeing the Light in others.  Seeing that they are spirits living a human life, and understanding that being human is hard and loving them anyways.

10. How am I not loving fully?

Being reserved with other people, not trusting that they might actually like me.  Not trusting in my own abilities.

11. If you could do your life over again, what would you do differently?

I would date more so I had more experience before I chose a husband.  Take up the offers I had.  I would not restrict myself based on other opinions and would do the things that made me happy instead of always what made them happy.  I would choose to open myself to growth a lot sooner than I did.  I would accept and love myself for who I am, and not simply accept what other people said to me or about me.

12. What am I doing because I think it will eventually make me happy, but that is currently making me unhappy?

Making money.

13. If I found out I was going to die in a year, what would I do today and for the rest of the year I had left?

Travel!!!!  Laugh more.  Love more deeply.

14. What is preventing me from doing those things now, regardless of how long I have to live?

Myself.  Money?  Fear.

15. What could I do to make myself feel even better right now and enjoy right now even more?

Get some dinner.  Change out of constricting clothes, do some stretching to get rid of some kinks in my body.

16. What pain do you want (In other words, if pain was unavoidable, what are you willing to struggle for)?

My kids, my animals health and well-being are worth the struggle, the pain.  I am still working on making myself worth the pain….

17. Who do you love and what are you doing about it? What are you not doing about it?

I love me.  I’m making a new life.  I ask for help, I spend money on myself when I never used to without a damn good reason, I explore my spiritual growth every single day.  And I procrastinate in making changes.

I love my kids and grandkids and animals.  Making sure they don’t feel unloved by telling them and showing them often.  I am not totally honest with my plans for my own life.

18. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?

Physically, 30.  Spiritually, ageless.

19. What belief is the best belief you possess? And what belief is the most painful belief you possess?

That life is precious and that we all are Souls living on this planet, experiencing for Source.

I’m not smart enough, creative enough.

20. What ten things are you the most grateful for in your life?

Having children. Finally knowing what unconditional love means.  Birthing my daughter was the best thing to ever happen to me.  She has been my rock, always.

Running my 11-year daycare and opening more of my heart, experiencing so much joy and learning in the process.

My animal companions who love me no matter what and teach me the value of the moment.

Friends who understand me and often remind me of my own value.

Numerous teachers/mentors in my spiritual life who step-by-step, one-by-one, have shared with me what I need to remember and hear in order to wake up.

Belly laughs and roller coasters.


Living in a country that has access to abundance….energy, heat, clean air and water, jobs, food, communication, technology.

Having my own home, a safe, warm haven to come home to when I’m ready.

Having struggled, been abused, watched abuse happen, and been without so I can relate to others on many levels.

My spiritual growth which has led to a happier, more understanding me and opened my eyes to a much greater vista of life.


3 responses

    • Good question Cheryl, I know the answer. I want to explore lots of places, and I know I will end up there, that’s not a question in my heart. It would be fun to go somewhere else first, maybe see all the folks I have met online in person- if there were no money issues involved. Panama is a given, it felt like home. Warm climate, beautiful scenery, lovely people, good economy, lots of opportunities, it’s all there. But the freedom to play first in the rest of the world is enticing.


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