The Power of Willingness

The Power of Willingness

by Meredith Murphy

In my experience, willingness creates doorways. It opens up  possibilities that were not there before. Literally openings are created  as we choose to be willing to experience something, to discover  something, to be shown something, to receive more of something.
A  lot of times we think having more of what we want in life has to do  with skill, information, or capacity. But in fact, everything is already  connected with us, in the innate Oneness of life. To experience  something we simply have to be in resonance with it. So in essence,  willingness says, I’m opening to shifting into a vibration that will  draw this to me. I’m open to my energy changing to accomodate this new  experience in my life. Willingness creates space for something new.
What  are you willing to let in today? To learn to hold as part of your  field, essence and energy-wise, so you and this wonderful new experience  in life, can meet?

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I was guided to do a meditation yesterday about visualising a desired timeline so as to be aligned with it along with that future self.  It was wonderful and I actually felt connected to a future I desire.  I saw myself doing things I hadn’t thought of before.  That’s how I know I connected.  Among many scenes, I saw myself tidying up a room before guests arrived and the last thing I did was to put a flower on their pillow.  Nice!  I never thought of doing that!  This meditation only happened because I was willing and open to connecting to this particular vibration.  I had to drop the doubt and indecision that I could ever make it happen.  Practicing like this strengthens the potential and lets you gain information and guidance from your future self who has already done what you dream of in that particular timeline.  Here is where I found it, try it and see what you get…


Indecision keeps Future Timelines from Crystalizing

by DL Zeta

Receiving guidance and assistance from future timelines is related to our clarity of perception and our willingness to believe in the future potentials we perceive. When we’re experiencing doubt or indecision about our intentions and about the course we’re moving on, we’re putting energy toward several different timelines without fully activating one. This keeps future timelines from crystalizing. When we’re undecided about what we want to create, it’s difficult for a future self to become solid enough to reach back and help us.

It is only when your focus and feeling states are strongly aligned with a future timeline that you activate a new timeline and begin to experience it. This enables you to “tune into” the self that exists along that timeline. This future self lives along the timelines you are now activating with your thoughts, beliefs, actions, emotions and choices. Once you tune into the frequency of that self, you can ask for guidance and assistance. This future self can help you to heal both past and present. The assistance this self can provide helps clear anything that stands in the way of experiencing this timeline more fully.

In all likelihood, this is a timeline you’ve been seeing for yourself and have acknowledged as the new direction for your life but may be having difficulty moving toward this new timeline because you can’t yet allow yourself to believe in it. You can begin merging with this new timeline by allowing yourself to exist there in consciousness. Enter a meditative state and allow images of your life along this timeline to flow into your mind. These images play on the movie screen of your mind, offering an experience of the sensory and feeling states your self of that timeline is experiencing.

Allow yourself to believe in this timeline and choose it regardless of whether you know any of the steps you would follow to get there. It’s enough to perceive the new timeline and choose it wholeheartedly with every aspect of your being without reservation. Once you do this, you can set your intentions to move in this direction. Ask your future self that already exists along that timeline to assist and guide you. With this synergistic connection in place, you can begin working from both directions, so to speak; communicating, sharing, assisting, and uniting past, present and future.

DL Zeta’s Celestial Vision


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