sharing another message:

Hello Dear Friend,

No questions today.  Observations.  I am ready.  I am willing.  I am open to possibilities.  What say you?

It’s about time?  Hahaha.  No time needed (there is no time clock on you).  (I could feel the gentle laughter) 

We wish to speak of your dreams and hopes for they are endless possibilities for you to follow.  Choose one possibility, stop and follow it, choose another and follow that, until you see those dreams start to come to fruition.  All is possible.  You are endlessly creative and endlessly deserving of your dreams.  Dreams are meant to be arrows that point you to a way that your soul is guiding you, all you have to do is take those steps.  You feel you are not brave enough sometimes to let go and do what you dream but you are or you wouldn’t be here in this life, at this point, in these higher vibrations of light that you now exist in.  It took bravery to choose to be born and to continue to live as a human.  So fear not, you have a vast reservoir of bravery inside to do that which you desire.  Take it in hand and use it to move forward. 

Thank you.  Not what I was expecting but surely what I needed to hear.

You’re welcome, Dear One. 



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